Friday, May 18, 2012

If Angels Burn- Lynn Viehl (book 1)

She restores the light of hope. Dr. Alexandra Keller is Chicago's most brilliant reconstructive surgeon.

He dwells in shadow. Michael Cyprien is New Orleans most reclusive millionaire--and in desperate need of Dr. Keller's skills. A new dawn awaits them both...Beneath the foundation of a mansion in the heart of Garden District, Alexandra will perform and illegal surgery. Her patient's disfigurement is beyond medical repair. But his body's ability to recuperate from his wounds borders on the miraculous. Alexandra knows Michael Cyprien is no ordinary patient. Intrigued by how his remarkable physiology might benefit medical science, she is even more compelled by his presence--and the mystery surrounding him and his associates, a cadre of immortals who call themselves the Darkyn.

Let me just start off and say that Alex is a strong female lead. She does not obey the commands of Michael at all. Of course this makes him upset but he is over 700 years old lol. The Darkyn are people who have died but somehow have arisen two days later and now are immortals and live on blood. The Darkyn believe it is a curse that has happened to them but Alex believes they could have been infected with something. So this intrigues her especially since she has started taking some of the Darkyn characteristics. Alex is a surgeon and Michael was tortured by the Brethern who are hunting down the Darkyn. Michael had only scars all over his face and Alex did the surgery and gave him his face back. But the Brethern know about Alex and they want to get her away from the Darkyn. You see other characters of the Darkyn in this book. Michael asks Alex to help his other Darkyn since they have been tortured as well. Michael wants Alex to stay with them because he loves her. Will Michael and Alex get over their strong characteristics and come together? Will the Brethern get Alex?
My rating 3        Sandy

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