Wednesday, May 30, 2012

In the Service of the King- Laura Kaye (book 1)

Kael, Warrior King of the Vampires, loathes the Night of the Proffering. He needs the blood of either his mate or a human virgin to maintain his strength, but hasn't enjoyed the ritual since he lost his mate centuries ago. Kael doesn't want a new companion, yet his resolve is tested when he lays eyes on his new offering, Shayla McKinnon. He is drawn to Shayla's beauty and poise...and the submission she offers. She is eager to give him anything he wishes, including her innocence, to please him. Will Kael give in to their overwhelming desire—even if it means risking Shayla's life?

See the cover of this book?? Well it makes you think this is going to be a hot, steamy sexual book and let me tell you it doesn't disappoint- this book was great. I read them out of order though and I do recommend you start with this book so you will understand the ceremony in the second book. I loved Kael from the beginning, poor vampire had a rough time with his mate & amp; newling dying years before. Pain and loss like that keeps you from ever wanting to open your heart again. Since Kael is the King, his people feed when he feeds so he tries to not go as long as he would like between his feedings. Kael feeds from the Proffered, which is a human female that is a 20 year old virgin. There is always a chance that she could also be his mate so he never feeds directly from the source. He cuts their wrist and drains the blood into a goblet. There is always sex involved with the Proffered and they can only become mates if the fates see fit and there is biting during sex.
Shayla's older sister was killed by Soul Eaters so she made a decision at a young age to do anything and everything to help the vampires destroy the Soul Eaters. She made the choice to become a Proffered and was fascinated by Kael, so when she was given the chance to service him she took the offer. She knew from the beginning that he would not bite her but they would have sex, plus she knew he was never with the same woman twice. The feelings of a mating bond start from the moment they see each other, Kael doesn't want anything to do with a mate but he is drawn to Shayla. Fate and Love always win in the end.
My Rating: 4   Wendy

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