Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Midnight Blues- Lynn Viehl (book 3.5)

Samantha and her mate Rafael are homicide cop. Once they were ordered to investigate the case of the cops lying at convent. This corpse was a message for one of the woman inside the convent, Daniela, or Cristál.

Her old nemesis, Donatien, a Kyn gone bad centuries ago, wants her for her powers to heal. He loves torturing people, and she can make them last longer. For years she has run from him, but always he finds her.

This is a short story of Darkyn, it's about Rafael and Daniela. Daniela has a special talent that Donatien wants. Donatien is a Darkyn who enjoys killing humans after he plays with them first. So he wants Daniela because she can let them live longer. He wants Rafael because he refused them. Will Rafael and Daniela be able to stop Donatien?
My rating 3   Sandy

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