Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Private Demon- Lynn Viehl (book 2)

A weakened body...Jema Shaw is an antiquities expert. But she moonlights as a police forensic consultant-to escape an existence trapped between her domineering mother and the mysterious illness that's plagued Jema for years. A wounded spirit...Thierry Durand was tormented body and soul by his people's greatest enemies-and by his wife's betrayal. His only hope for healing lies in Jema's heart. Their dreams can come true...Night after night, Thierry slips into Jema's dreams, fulfilling her deepest, darkest desires. In the arms of her private demon lover, Jema finds that her fantasy is becoming more important to her than anything in reality. But Thierry's sensual visits have placed her in the cross fire between two ancient enemies: a religious order known as the Brethren and a cadre of immortals knows as the Darkyn...

After the first book I was not sure that I would like this series. After reading the second book, I am enjoying the series more. I like the fact that the author keeps the other characters through the books but still has the focus on her main characters. I felt so bad for Thierry because his wife betrayed him to the Brethren and hurt his family also. He finds love with Jema but he knows that she has an illness that will kill her soon. Michael and Alex come to Chicago to find Thierry and Jamys, who has come looking for his father. They stay with Jaus, who is the Darkyn over the city. Jaus has loved Jema his whole life. Will Thierry get to stay with Jema forever? Will Jema succumb to her illness? Will Jaus cause problems for Jema and Thierry?
My rating 4       Sandy

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