Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Legend of the Inero Dragon (The Dragons Saga #2) by J.F. Jenkins

Twin brothers Jason and Matthias Inero are the favorite sons of the great dragon lord of fire. More often than not they get whatever they want. Matt wants to do great things for his people while Jason wants to go off and explore the world. Both can have what they desire, but not until they take a bride and enter into adulthood.
Enter Kat and Gwen, two girls from very different backgrounds. Kat is happy to leave her home when the royal guard comes to bring her to loving arms of her childhood sweetheart, Matt. Gwen on the other hand is livid to be taken from her farm only to be thrust into Jason's life, and he's not to thrilled with the idea either. They have one year to find happiness with each other, or else they will be placed at the mercy of the ruthless dragon lord Lynx. Favorite or not, dragon law must be obeyed.
As their nation begins to prepare for war against a neighboring tribe, the brothers find themselves as key components in the battle plans. A dark prophet has had a vision of Inero victory, but at what cost? Both must decide where their loyalties lie and what they're willing to sacrifice – including each other – to achieve their goals.

Legend of the Inero Dragon was a pleasing surprise! This story takes place during the same time frame as book one, just in the Inero's land. The Inero Dragons do not fly, are smaller, and select their mates from the Elite.
In the second book we meet the Inero twins, Jason and Matthias, the "favorites" among their hundreds of brothers by their father Lord Lynx. Being twins is very rare among dragons and Jason and Matt  are also "touched" with magic. Though they are vastly different, they are best friends and confidants. Elites are young girls selected by the royal guards and are brought to the castle once a year to have the chance to be selected as a mate to the dragons. They acquire social standing among the citizens and royals. Matt has known Kat for six years and has longed to have her as his own and make her his wife. She had a hard home life and was ready to put her old life behind her and embraces the Elite. Jason doesn't want to marry nor mate but doesn't want to fall out of favor so he selects Gwen out of need. Gwen was a country girl raised by two loving parents. She hated the idea of the Elite and missed her family immensely.
Now the story truly begins. It was fresh and enjoyable to read the trials of newlyweds and the crashing in of reality, along with getting insight on the older dragons, specifically Lord Lynx. With Matt and Kat, the bliss wears off fast. Matt realizes that he needs space and Kat is clingy. They learn that even though they have know each other for years, they need to work for each other and that friendship and love has been there but intimacy, love and marriage just don't "happen". Jason and Gwen are both not ready for relationships beyond friends. Jason treats Gwen as an equal and asks her to trust him and she does. Over time they develop a friendship which grows and strengthens and they realize as time passes that they do love each other. From Lord Lynx and his (current) wife Navi we learn the workings of unhappy marriages.
Among the romance, we have conspiracy, secrecy, plotting of taking over the Ociena and the prophecy of the touched in Inero. We have to question does Lynx really care for his sons or is he using them. We follow the growth and growing apart of the twins and how it effects them.  
J.F. Jenkins did a wonderful job at continuing the growth of her books and the story line and I feel she hit a home run with her second book. The characters developed nicely and though a tad slow in the beginning, had me turning the pages, was a fast read, and set the tomb for the next book. I enjoyed this series so far as it is fresh in a lot of ways plus we get a wonderful new world, full of dragons, war, love and fantasy!
My Rating - A Solid 4          Laura


  1. I have this one in my TBR pile. It does sound really good and I loved the first book.

    Thanks for sharing your review!

  2. Sophia let me know what you think after you read it. The third book was released last week. I'll be posting a review most likely this weekend.