Friday, July 20, 2012

Bad Boys and Virna DePaul!

It’s Friday and everyone is ready for the weekend! We’re sure everyone out there is working like mad to clear their work pile before the magic hour of five,...NOT! That’s what we thought. LOL! So come on by (while you try to look busy) because today VIRNA DEPAUL is talking about a subject we all love to hear about,...  Bad Boys.

This August, I’m attending the Authors After Dark Conference for the first time. The conference is in New Orleans, a city I’ve always wanted to visit. So even though it’s supposed to be tortuously hot in the Big Easy during that time of year, I can’t wait to mingle with some great readers and writers and let the good times roll!

One of the fun events I’ll be participating in is an Ice Scream party with authors Cynthia Eden, Katie Reus, and Manda Collins. The party will be centered around villains and anti-heroes. In other words…the allure of the bad boy.

Bad boys are great in any form—cops, cowboys, corporate raiders—but the most intense bad guys, in my opinion, are found in paranormals.

Vampires, shifters, demons—they’re just so…tortured.


And the time they’re at their most alluring? When they’re fighting that darker side of themselves and trying to be something they’re so not: civilized. In some ways, they represent the wilder parts of ourselves that we’re not so comfortable showing the world. On some level, it’s comforting and far more interesting when a vampire or werewolf can be honorable and kind despite the fact they also want to drink blood or have crazy monkey sex under the moon.

It’s the woman that can be both wild and tame, and the bad boy that can be both caring and bad, that we’re intrigued with. Especially when we can’t be sure which side of them is going to show up next.

I’m looking forward to some wild and mellow times in New Orleans. What about you? Do you enjoy reading about the bad boy or bad girl?
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One of Virna’s favorite bad boys is Dex Hunt, her werebeast hero in Chosen By Sin! Learn more and see the trailer at

The longest life isn’t always the happiest one…
Five years after the Second Civil War ends, humans and Otherborn—humanlike creatures with superhuman DNA—still struggle for peace. To ensure the continued rights of both, the FBI forms a Para-Ops team with a unique set of skills.
For now, werebeast Dex Hunt serves on the Para-Ops team, but his true purpose is to kill the werewolf leader he blames for his mother’s death. Biding his time, Dex keeps his emotional distance from his team members and anyone else he might care for, including a mysterious vampire he met in L.A.
As a doctor, vampire Jesmina Martin has dedicated her immortal life to healing others. As a scientific researcher, she’s trying to prolong life spans, in particular those of her adoptive dragon-shifter family and the werewolf who saved her as a child. Her greatest hope lies with Dex, a werebeast she believes can gift immortality to others.
Only Dex knows nothing about his gift or the fact Jesmina wants to harness it. After a passionate night together neither expects to see the other again. Weeks later, they are reunited in France and forced to acknowledge a fragile miracle—a new life struggling to survive. At the same time, they must stop a group of rebel shape-shifters hoping to unleash every demon in hell. But before Dex and Jesmina can save their child or the world, they must relinquish their secrets, face their fears, and open themselves to love.

Bio: Virna DePaul is a former criminal prosecutor and now national bestselling author of the Para-Ops Novels. Virna also writes contemporary romantic suspense for Harlequin Romantic Suspense (It Started That Night, May 2012) and HQN (Shades Of Desire, June 2012).

Author's Website:
THANK YOU VIRNA for stopping by today and feel free to come back anytime.


  1. I love the bad boys because they don't care what others think and they play by their own rules. They'll do anything and everything to protect and save someone they care about. When you have a bad boy's loyalty they stivk with you through thick and thin. I should know cause I've been married to a bad boy for 12 years now. He likes to piss people off but he helps those people that need it. He's sarcastic, always joking, and most say he acts like a little kid, but I love him dearly and I know he'll do any and everything in his power to make me happy. :D

    GFC follower: vadeluna07

  2. always have liked a bad boy!!! They are dark and sexy and a adrenaline rush!!! thanks for the giveaway. Gale

  3. It's the danger the bad boy represents that draws you in. I love the bad boy alpha male.

  4. Bad Boys are the fantasy most women enjoy... Looking forward to the next book!

  5. I like bad boys because they are assertive and are not afraid to be themselves. Everyone loves an Alpha who is real.
    I follow via Facebook and Networkblogs: Amy Stogner
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  6. I like bad boys for their edge. I also like confidence in a man bad boys have that and unlike many woman I don't want a nice guy a good one yes but not a nice one. Nice to me is soft I don't want a pushover I want someone assertive and bad boys are the strong man fantasy. The key of course is to find a good one.


  7. They are dark,dangerous,sex,strong and just so HOT!!!

  8. it is good to see how hard they fall in love!

  9. The more tortured the bad boy, the better, IMO. :) Perhaps it goes back to the fact that I have loved real-life bad boys and it never ended well, so reading about how badly they suffer and what they have to go through to redeem themselves gives me some sort of satisfaction. Ha.

    Actually, a strong man who must overcome his inner demons (even if he doesn't think it's possible) always makes for good reading.

    And I LOVE Virna's writing. She's amazing! Thanks for having her.


  10. I love to read a bad boy, they are take charge alpha males who take what they want when they want. But it's great to watch what happens when they find the woman they love.

  11. Thank you to everyone for commenting and copping to your attraction to bad boys!!;) I appreciate your support. :)

  12. Love the bad boy. He is always strong and when he falls in love it is forever. Can't wait until the next para-ops book. Thanks for stopping by and for giveaway.

  13. we all need a little bad boy in our lives..

  14. I love bad boys because they're so much more fun. :D Especially when the right woman makes him want to be good (or at least a bit better).

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  15. I like bad boys and girls because they tend to be fearless! I want them to have a tender side. If they have redeemable traits that's also great. There can still be a lot of good in bad characters ;)


  16. I've always loved bad boys. They often have something that needs "fixing" and I'm a fixer upper!

    riverinaromantic AT aol DOT com

  17. Bad boys are just attractive. You want to fix them but you love their wildness. They are fun.

    1., for anita clay