Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sanguinary- Emma L. Edwards

There’s a killer stalking the streets of Cardiff. The press have named him ‘The Vampire’. His victims are found with their blood drained and bite marks on their necks. Aspiring writer Angel Harris has always had a thing about vampires, but not so much this guy.
To make ends meet until her writing career takes off Angel acquires a job at the local newspaper. Her boss sends her on a mission to dig deeper into rumours about a group of people that are said to drink blood. Angel doesn’t need to be asked twice, she dives straight in without a thought of self preservation. 
Nothing turns out quite as she expected. Angel meets Ash, the two connect on a deep level and she finds herself welcomed into this group of supposed blood drinkers. Despite Ash’s possessive nature Angel is happy, Angel’s contentment is not to last though because things rapidly begin to unravel. After experiencing some unsettling incidents, Angel begins to think that the killer named ‘The Vampire’ is close to her. The body count rises whilst Angel’s life continues to fall apart. Very soon she will find out that ‘The Vampire’ is closer than she would ever have believed. But will the writer survive to tell her story?

Were do I begin..this book was a first for me in that it was set in England and the characters spoke with a British accent and yes I know we all speak English but this was different, words were different, were I say panties they say knickers and I loved it. Oh how I loved having the characters talk with British accents in my head. (I know I am not the only one out there that the characters actually talk in my head while I am reading, right?) After I got past a few hang-ups of my own I was able to keep reading, I am a country girl that says "while" instead of "whilst" so that was new.
Ok now to the book (a book that I was so engrossed in that I stayed up way past my normal bedtime for three nights in a row reading). I liked Angel from the beginning, she did have a few problems at the end that I did not like but generally all around, she was a good lead female, strong and witty. What made me step back some was that she drank, a LOT (lol). I mean morning, noon and night, but this added to the story and it was fitting for this story. I mean, come on, she's a young pub jumping 24 y/o female.  She starts out working at a local newspaper. She wanted to be an author but that wasn't paying the bills, so her boss asked her to go find the story about the rumored vampires in town. Angel heads out to her favorite club to listen to the band play and to see if she can get in close and get the scoop. During the show she is mesmerized by the lead singer, Ash, who is singing shirtless, with a huge bat tattoo on his back. She goes up to the bar after his performance to buy him a drink and when they finally make eye contact it is like they are somehow connected. The next four days is filled with drinking, smoking, clubbing and sex, lots and lots of sex. Angel realizes that she can not do the article for the paper so she quits her job and does not tell Ash what she was doing when she met him. The side characters in this story are great, David is Angel's friend from when they were young kids and he happens to be the first guy she had sex with, he is totally obsessed with her still; Jay is a vampire friend of Ash's, who I think (but was never said), is madly in love with Angel too; then you have other friends and family that are throughout the book. While Angel and Ash are getting it on there is someone killing young females that frequent the same clubs as Angel. The paper started calling this murderer, "The Vampire" because he bites the victims and lets them bleed out.  Cat, who is Ash's family and who hates Angel, finds out about Angel working for the paper and tells Ash. This is where the story turned for me. He breaks up with her due to his own trust issues (which to me was wrong) but then he can't let her go so he keeps going back for more sex and mean, hurtful actions on his part. She takes him back each time knowing they are not getting back together (now I for one did not like this part of the book only because I have lived it, ugh a few times- I was the type of young female that picked the wrong guys over and over just to be hurt over and over again). (And believe me I know I am not the only one out there that has done it- I am not the only loser magnet in this world, not saying Ash is a loser because he is not, I liked his character). The killer is closer than Angel could have ever imagined and when he is caught her world is turned upside down again with the aftermath of that.
The end of the book caused me to email a friend and say No about 20 times, I was not prepared for it, I did not want it to happen and I think I need to 1) have the author either let me know there will be another book, 2) write another chapter just for me, 3) write an epilogue so I can get what I need- lol
My Rating: 4- 4.5- (I did enjoy this book or I would not have stayed up reading it but I was shocked by the ending- which I hope is not the very end with nothing else coming)


  1. You really have my interest here Wendy! I hope the blog will get a comment from the author with some follow-up details on this for us. When a book grabs your attention like this, I know it has to be good.

    1. Hi, this is Emma, the author of Sanguinary here and yes Wendy, I can confirm that there is a second book! I am working hard on getting it finished at the moment, will keep you updated! Thanks!

  2. Wendy this sounds interesting. I love when a book pulls you! I'm bookless at the moment and haven't made my mind up what to read next.

  3. Hi, just finished book 2 and ready to continue the angel and ash saga. When is book 3 due out??