Monday, August 27, 2012

Beneath a Midnight Moon- Amanda Ashley


Author: Amanda Ashley

Release Date: Aug 2, 2012

Main Characters: Hardane & Kylene

Category: M/F

Author's Website:

Heat Level: Steamy

Descended from ancient shape shifters, Hardane could take on wolf form to stalk the darkness. But as a man he had long, sinfully black hair and a body to entice any woman.
He appeared to Kylene in her dreams, and then rescued her from certain death at the executioner’s hand. He was promised to another, his marriage destined to end the brutal warfare between their two peoples. But no matter what the danger, no matter who tried to stop them, he would spirit her into the night and tempt her with a love like no other…

Review: The 7th child of the 7th child will be the Wolffan. Any children before or after this will not be blessed with the shape shifting gift. The Wolffan is a race that mated with humans after learning that staying in their human form was safer than their preferred wolf.  The shape shifting they  do is taking the form of other humans, not animals. Hardane has been betrothed to Selene, the daughter of a warring king, Carrick, in hopes their marriage will bring peace to both lands. The King wasn’t the true one wanting war, it was his twin brother and advisers. When he was overthrown by his brother, he went into hiding because he needed to protect his children from his brother, who wanted them dead to insure the marriage wouldn’t take place.

Kylene finds herself being beaten and held against her will while having no idea why everyone is calling her the Princess Selene. Her only escape seems to be in her sleep where a beautiful man/wolf comes to her every night promising to save her. She believes she has lost her mind until the day of her execution. Her executioner releases her and saves her from death, as she watches him shift into the man she has seen night after night in her dreams. Hardane is ready to marry her at once, until she explains that she’s not Selene. By now Hardane has feelings for her and is willing to keep warring, so he can marry Kylene instead of Selene,... until Selene shows up at the castle gates.
Rating: 4   LT