Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hells Angel- Kim Faulks

Let's see how you like them after a few hundred years, her father The Accuser had said as he cast Kellah Slater from her home, into a land of unemployment, mortgages and a declining stock market… welcome to Earth.

To survive Kellah does what she does best, steal, lie and cheat. So, when she forces a human male in an alley to part with his wallet, she thinks no more about it… But the human male does.
Detective Darrion Hunter has lost everything his wife, his daughter, his soul… and now his wallet. Kellah is everything he despises, everything he hates and he will sacrifice all to see her where she belongs, behind bars.
In this world that she calls Hell, Kellah will begin to learn the true nature of her demonic self, while also uncovering her unearthly connection to her greatest enemy, Darrion Hunter.  Is Darrion Hunter her own personal demon… or is he her path to her salvation?

This is a very very dark story, Unlike anything I have ever read. It was an interesting story about a demon who was kicked out of hell to the human world. She was evil through and through until living with humans and then she started having human feelings. Something she knew nothing about. So while she's stealing to survive. She becomes a little to good at it. Still hoping to return to hell one day she makes deals with some bad humans to help her get the money she needs to move on. In doing so she becomes a target for an emotionally dead detective. Darrion's wife and baby were murdered and when he was at his lowest, he was robbed, so he made it his mission to make her pay. 10 yrs later he starts to believe she is the killer and decides to take the law into his own hands. But as much as he hates her, he's drawn to her, and her to him.
Ok I love an happy ever after ending, and I love , LOVE. But this story has to continue because they never got together and she left town. So this was a totally different type of book for me.
Rating 4                                       

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