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Howl for It- Shelly Laurenston & Cynthia Eden

Book Name: Howl for It (Like a Wolf with a Bone)

Author's Name: Shelly Laurenston

Category: M/F- shifters

Main Characters: Eggie & Darla

Series: Pride Stories #0.5

Release Date: 08/28/12

Author's Website:

Blurb: Quiet little Darla Lewis couldn’t be happier when the most-feared member of the South’s rowdiest pack kidnaps her. A girl gets real tired of being overprotected by her own shifter family, and there’s nothing like an oh-so-big bad wolf to start a pack feud, unleash her instincts—and have her surrender however and whenever she wants…

Review: This book, set in the 1970’s, is an anthology of how Darla and Eggie Ray Smith met and mated. We’ve met both of them before in previous books so this is a back story. I cannot get enough of this series. I’ve loved ever single book.
Eggie is known as the scariest & meanest wolf shifter out there; he doesn’t like anyone and can barely tolerate his own family. He is in the Marines, in what is known as, The Unit. After his latest mission his boss sends him home for some R&R but while home he goes with a brother to chase down his brother's mate. Eggie’s brothers are all mated to or with a Lewis woman (she-wolf), while at the Lewis place he rescues Darla from some humans trying to kill her. He takes her back to his house and tries to protect her. Darla’s boss also sent her home because she unknowingly saw someone get murdered. Darla is someone he can stand to be around and the feeling is mutual on her side. Her family, mainly her sisters, are not happy she is with Eggie, but Darla doesn’t really care what they think. She feels like she is finally happy and wants to stay with him.

This story was so well written that I did not want to put it down; I very rarely come across an author who can make me laugh out loud like Ms. Laurenston does. I swear I had tears coming out of my eyes because I was laughing so hard about the new telephone scene. This is one series that I highly recommend to anyone- her bear shifters are my favorites but honestly the entire series is fantastic.        Wendy
Rating: 5

Book Name: Howl For It (Wed or Dead)

Author's Name: Cynthia Eden

Category: M/F- shifters & humans

Main Characters: Gage & Kayla

Release Date: 08/28/12

Author's Website:

Blurb: Gage Ryder knew his human bride had a wild side. But spending their honeymoon night on the run from hunters out to finish him and his pack is sure not the kind of fun he was looking forward to. No problem–Gage will do whatever it takes to lay bare Kayla’s secrets and find the truth. If he can keep from being captured by his own seductive game.

Review: Gage is the leader of the Las Vegas shifter pack and Kayla is a hunter, who is on assignment to get close to Gage and then kill him. She never knew that she would have to marry him to get close to him but she really doesn’t mind it. The marrying part, not the killing part- lol. This is a fast paced short story that is full of quick love, danger, betrayal and some hot sex. Kayla thought she was doing exactly what her boss wanted her to do, kill the shifter who was supposedly killing innocent humans. Little did she realize that instead of killing him she would be saving him. Once the truth comes out about Kayla’s boss, all bets are off and she is willing to do anything to save the men she loves, Gage and her brother Jonah. At the beginning of the story she is a strong human but by the end she is one tough alpha human female.
Rating: 4.5            Wendy

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