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Join us today for a Q&A and giveaway with ELIZA GAYLE

Eliza Gayle lives a life full of sexy shapeshifters, blood boiling vamps and a dark desire for bondage…until she steps away from her computer and has to tend to her family.

She graduated Magna Cum Laude (which her husband translated into something very naughty) from Park University with a dual degree in Human Resource Management and Sociology. That education, a love of the metaphysical and a dirty mind comes in handy when she sits down to create new characters and worlds. The trick is getting her to sit still.

1. So glad you could be here today with us Eliza. Let’s start off with talking about some of your upcoming releases.
Thank you so much for having me!

Dragon’s Fate

Dragon's Fate is actually a prequel to Taken by Tarot. When I originally wrote the the menage relationship of TbT I completely fell head over hells for the two men so I had to go back and write more about them. ;)

Hell’s Bells

You're going to start to see a theme here. hehe Hell's Bells is another prequel. I can't say what it is about these characters that make me go back and write more of their backstory but I can't seem to let them go I guess. Hell's Bells is a prequel to Dirty Deeds. Melody is my AC/DC loving demon who is struggling with the deal she made and the things she has to do to live up to her end of the bargain.

Taken By Tarot

Taken by Tarot was my first fae story and was originally released in 2007. If you ever meet me in person you'll quickly learn that I adore all things fae and dragon. So this story began my take on what I see when I think of the otherworld of creatures.
It is being extensively rewritten and expanded so it will be quite different when it releases later this year.

Bad Kitty

Bad Kitty is the next all new cougar story. Kitty first appeared in the black cougar novel Kane and again showed up in Malcolm. So it seemed only fitting that she get her own story. Up to now she's not been a very nice person so her story has been quite a challenge. Needless to say things won't be easy for her or the wolf she falls for.

2. Mentioned in your stories or inspired by some of your character, you have a collection of recipes on your web site that fans can email you about. Can you tell our followers about this and some of your recipe cards?
I love incorporating food into my stories in some small way. I collect recipes like there's no tomorrow and I'm always tweaking them. So when I find the right spot in a book to mention one, I go for it. Although not all recipes are mentioned in the book. But I have found that readers enjoy collecting them so even if no recipe made its way into a book I can still find something that sort of fits the book.
I've lost count on how many recipe cards I've done. I hope to get more of them archived on the website soon. Some of my favorites are:
Trent's Beer and Chocolate Chili from Frost Bitten
The Blood Orange Martini from Vampire Awakening
The Dark Decadent cake from Midnight Playground
Red Velvet Cupcakes from Sweet Submission

3. Do you feel cooking is a fun passion, and what is your favorite thing to cook/bake?
I do have a ton of fun cooking and baking. When my kids were little I used to construct elaborate birthday cakes. I think the best one was the coal mine replica from Snow White's seven dwarfs. I also try to do a big gingerbread house every Christmas. Although I definitely don't have as much time to bake as I used to. Fortunately my oldest daughter has the culinary bug and is always concocting something in our kitchen.
My absolute favorite thing to make is my chocolate chip cheesecake. I'm asked to make that often by friends and family.

4. Tell us about being a Marine?
I consider being a Marine one of the best decisions I made in my life. The lessons learned and the memories made are truly life altering. I've always loved a challenge and 13 weeks of Marine Corps boot camp was a blast.
Not to mention I met my husband in the Marines. Although I was probably a pretty easy target for him with my weakness for men in uniform. :)

5. Do you have any writing quirks?
I don't think I'm all that quirky, but the people who know me might disagree. I prefer to be alone in the house when I write but that isn't always possible so I am at least shut in my office or bedroom when others are around.
If I am having trouble getting into a scene I will turn on movie soundtracks and that always gets the words flowing.
And I never start a story without having the title of the book (although it can sometimes change), all the character names and a brief summary of their background. Sometimes I will outline a story but more often than not I just start writing and see where it takes me.

6. Out of all your books, do you have a favorite scene that stands out above all others as a personal favorite?
That would be so hard to choose just one. Often some of the favorites end up being some of the hardest. Such as the punishment scene that takes place in the kitchen in Submissive Beauty, or the heartbreaking moment in Malcolm when his mate reveals a startling secret, and so on. :)

7. When you have to take a break and get away from the keyboard, what do you like to do for fun?
I read a lot of course, although not as much as I would like to. When I have had a particularly stressful day and really need a technology break I get my husband to take me for a ride on his motorcycle. I find that so calming. And besides baking, I also enjoy crafting. I have hand made many promo items instead of buying them. 

8. We have heard that even though you do love writing Contemporary BDSM, after a period of time writing them you need a change of pace and switch to paranormal. What makes writing BDSM a little stressful for you compared to writing other genres? 
For me writing BDSM is very intense, emotional and personal. I prefer to write about the mental D/s aspect of BDSM versus the focus on the actual pain or play. And I often try to put myself in my heroines shoes as I write her and that can be emotionally draining by the end of the book. 

9. What kinds of specifics do you do to research for an BDSM or erotic project?
I've done all kinds of things to research for my books. I've met many lifestyle Dominants and submissives who have been very willing to help me with the information that I need. I've gone to fetish clubs and observed all kinds of things that I ended up writing about. My Purgatory series is based on a local show that ended a few years ago and then returned last year.
When I wrote the violet wand scene for Submissive Beauty, I went to a vendor and asked for a demonstration so I could describe the sensations in greater detail. I've had a lot of fun.

10. When doing research for a BDSM have you ever been shocked or wanted to put a bag over your head from embarrassment?
Oh sure. I am very open minded and would never judge someone for their preferred kink. But there are some things that don't appeal to me that I wish I could scrub from my eyeballs. (Google can be dangerous sometimes when you are doing general searches. lol) 

11. Where on the net can our followers find out more about you and your books?
My website is probably the best place to start as I try really hard to keep it updated with the last information. You'll find me at http://elizagayle.net/

If you prefer to keep up with more of my day to day activities or chat with me online you can find me on twitter at http://www.twitter.com/elizagaylebooks and on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/AuthorElizaGayle

Random Tid Bits about Eliza
  • Hulu is her addiction.
  • Has an irrational fear of snakes.
  • Las Vegas is one of her favorite places to go.
  • Sparkly flip flops are her thing, no flats please.
  • She had two nicknames in the Marine Corps. “Annie Oakley” and “Fritz”
  • Doesn’t like wine, only Tequila or Vodka.
  • Loves 80s music especially AC/DC.
  • Is a gadget girl.
  • Chocolate is her obsession.
  • Needs to be near the water.
  • Faeries and Dragons fill her office.
  • She is obsessed with buying corsets.
  • Reads tarot for inspiration.
  • She misses her little red convertible.
  • Favorite color is purple.
  • Is a Virgo, but will neither confirm nor deny if she possesses the obsessive traits of a typical Virgo.
Thank you so much for having me today!

Eliza is doing an awesome giveawy to a few of our followers today. (#1 & #2) will win a copy of an ebook backlist of the winners choice. Ebook giveaways would be international. AND (#3) will win a Beauty prize pack that includes one of her new Submissive Beauty sleep masks. (US residents only for this one)  Please be a follower of this blog and leave us a comment with your name and email address


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