Monday, August 13, 2012

The Lady is a Vamp- Lynsay Sands

Book Name: The Lady is a Vamp

Author's Name: Lynsay Sands

Category: M (human)/F (immortal/vampire)

Main Characters: Paul & Jeanne Louise Argeneau

Series: Argeneau/Rogue Hunter #17

Release Date: 07/31/12

Author's Website:

  Blurb: Jeanne Louise has been so wrapped up in her work trying to find a solution to Victor and Vincent's genetic anomaly which forces them to feed directly from mortals that she didn't notice anything amiss until she was already slumping over her steering wheel. She does notice upon waking up that she is now chained to a strange bed in a strange room in a strange house… always a great start to a relationship which is exactly what she thinks when she realizes she can’t read her abductor, who happens to be a fellow science geek that also works for Argeneau Enterprises. Add in the fact her potential mate has a six-year-old daughter and that he kidnapped an immortal (a big ‘No No’ in the immortal world), it makes this whole ‘life mate’ business a lot messier and could lead to a world of hurt for them both. Why can't this life mate business ever be simple?

Review: Jeanne Louise is young for an immortal, she’s only 102 years old, but she’s ready to find her life mate. After years of watching her cousins and brother find love she wants it too. She thinks she still has time before he comes into her life, so she continues to work hard in the lab to find a cure for a family member’s problem with needing blood directly from the source. Leaving work Jeanne Louise is kidnapped by a human male who is in desperate need for someone to help save his little girl. Paul works with Jeanne Louise but she never noticed him before. Working in the Argeneau labs means Paul knows what they are and some of what they can do, that is the reason he thinks they can save his young daughter. Once Jeanne Louise realizes she cannot read his thoughts she knows he is her life mate so instead of trying to escape, she works with him. Knowing they will soon be found by the Enforcers and her Uncle, they take off, which gives her time to work on seeing if Paul could ever love her or even consider wanting to be her life mate. Eventually the Enforcers catch up to them, along with many other things happening at once, things that can never be changed. On top of that, poor Enforcer Bricker has Jeanne Louise mad at him, and he does what he can to make things right.

Ok, if you know me then you know this is one of my top three favorite series, love it all but Justin Bricker is my favorite immortal and for him to be in this book just made it even better for me. Last year at RT 2011 I talked to Ms. Sands about him and his life mate, she told me that he is still young and it would be a while before he finds his happiness but I think I have him and his life mate all figured out after reading this book. LOL, I am probably way off base but I sure hope I’m right this time. I don’t know who is next in this series but I know who will be buying the book. ME!
Rating: 4.5

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