Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Forever in Darkness- Stephanie Rowe

Book Name: Forever in Darkness

Series: Order of the Blade #4

Author: Stephanie Rowe

Release Date: July 19, 2012

Main Characters: Ian & Alice

Category: M/F

Author's Website:

Heat Level: Scolding


BLURB: Cursed to die for a choice his ancestor made, Ian Fitzgerald has spent six hundred years fighting the curse and trying to restore honor to his family's name. But his time to die has finally come, and his doom is in the guise of the one woman he cannot walk away from: his soul mate. Or is she really who she seems? Light and darkness, shadows and death, reality and illusions swirl around Ian as the curse hauls him relentlessly toward his own demise. Desperate to survive, Ian fights ruthlessly to uncover the truth about the sensual, desperate female who has died in his arms already…twice. Can she save him, or will she be the final key to the destruction of everything he has fought to protect?

LaTonia's REVIEW: OH MY! What a tease, tease, tease! I’m mad and excited at the same time. I was already shocked that Ian got a novella, but now I know why. With only about 60 pages, you get a taste and nothing more. Ian is the member that lost his mate 8 months ago, at the hand of the order. Sadly before that, all the mates of the order were killed because it was destined that they would drive them insane. Since the members of the Order are too important to let die, they killed the mates. Ian has seen his mate die 3 times now, and swears when he find her again he will save her.
Alice is a mystery, she has a mission, but keeps dying before she can complete it. She thinks she only has one more life to live to accomplish her task. In search of finding someone to help her, but unable to tell whoever helps her what has to be done.

RATING: 4.0  

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