Thursday, September 20, 2012


Book Name: How To Drive A Dragon Crazy

Author’s Name: G. A. Aiken

Series: Dragon Kin # 6

Release Date: 09/04/12

Main Characters: Eibhear the Blue and Izzy

Author’s Website:
Heat Level: Embers


Blurb: Some things never go away, like vile enemies, bad ale, and annoying king. Honestly, though, I thought I was finished with the one dragon I’d have done anything for: Eibhear the Blue, a big, gorgeous, blue-haired beast who thinks the world belongs to  him. The world and, apparently, me.

If Eibhear wants to play the caring hero and travel into the most forsaken of Gods forsaken lands to protect the one woman who doesn’t need it -namely me- I’ll let him. Because while I’m trying to fulfill a ridiculous guest for a pushy god, I’m going to draw this overconfident warlord much too close, rekindle his fires, and enjoy every minute of his delicious defeat…

Sandy's Review: Eibhear and Izzy have been fighting feelings for one another for years.  Izzy fell for Eibhear the first time she saw his blue hair. Eibhear is the baby of the family and everyone treated him as the gentle giant. But when one of his friends got killed, Eibhear turned until a ruthless warrior. Eibhear has joined up with the Mi-runach and they are the queen’s warriors that go in and get the job done at any costs. Izzy has also been leading her troops for her queen. So when Eibhear takes a vacation and goes back to visit family, it gets very interesting for them all.  Eibhear and Izzy are given an assignment to try to help her sister Rhi and to deal with some warriors who are trying to go after the queen.

I love the author’s writing. She writes the stories so well. She always has me laughing with the characters in the story. I also enjoy how she always has the characters returning in the stories. She makes the characters really stand out.

Will Eibhear and Izzy be able to help her sister Rhi? Will Eibhear come to realize how important Izzy is to him and not push her away?
Rating : 4


  1. I haven't had an opportunity to start this series, but I do love the playful tone it seems to have. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I can't wait to read this book...I LOVE GA Aiken...Have you read her shifter books also? Funnier and still sexy...laugh out loud funny! Those are under Shelly Laurenston!

    Thanks for the review!