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Book Name: Pandora’s Box

Author: Gracen Miller

Series: Road to Hell #1

Release Date: 12/06/11             

Main Characters: Mads (Madison Wescott) and Nix (Phoenix Birmingham)

Category: M/F

Author's Website:

Heat Level: Smoldering

Blurb:    Where does the road to Hell begin?
 What happens when your son turns homicidal overnight and your husband disappears on his way to work? Do you cower in fear or fight for your life? Madison Wescott fights against the odds. Distrustful of a God she doesn’t believe in, she finds herself face-to-face with a world she didn’t know existed and discovers her own soul is darkened with demonic connections.

With good intentions? Or by demonic design?
Phoenix Birmingham bursts into Madison’s life in a whirlwind of sarcasm and sexual appeal. A hero for the masses—and for her jaded heart—but few will ever know the sacrifices he has made or the sacrifices to come. Discovering her entire life has been influenced by multifaceted paranormal beings, Madison is determined to defeat the apocalyptic blueprint fate has decreed, but only one man dares to challenge the supernatural forces manipulating them. Even with Phoenix’s aid, can destiny be denied? Or will demonic design prevail while they pay the crucial price with their souls? 

In a small, sleepy Alabama town the battle for mankind’s liberty has begun...         

***SPOILER WARNING- This review contains SPOILERS***
Jody's Review:  When Lucifer fell from Heaven, there were three kings who also fell.  Unknowingly, Mads married Micah, one of the fallen kings.  At the age of five, Mads’s son, Amos, begins to display very bizarre and violent behaviors.  She seeks the assistance of physicians and therapists to no avail.  When Amos’ behaviors begin to escalate, she turns to a psychic named Georgie, who deals with paranormal happenings.  Georgie sends in reinforcements to help Mads and Amos.  Phoenix Birmingham and his uncle, James Birmingham, come to assist with the demonic possession of Amos.  There is an instant attraction between Mads and Nix, which sparks increased “visits” from Micah.
We meet Mads trying to discover why her son, Amos, is killing animals and attacking her with no provocation.  Nix and his family enter the picture to assist Mads and Amos in expelling the demon who is plaguing them.  However, it is discovered that Mads’ ex-husband, Micah, is one of the fall kings and is feeding Amos his blood, which begins to escalate Amos’ behaviors.
Micah is trying to develop more followers by procreating with humans.  It is discovered that Mads is actually half succubus.  Micah implants Pandora’s Box into Mads,  which could be detrimental to humankind.
Mads and Nix are “hot” for each other, but feel they cannot act on their feelings because it would complicate their situation.  Amos eventually chooses his mother over his father.  Mads and Amos set out to locate and destroy demons.  Over the years, Mads and Nix still feel drawn to each other, even though they only speak on the telephone sporadically.  When they eventually come together, the sparks fly!
My Rating: 4


  1. Thanks for the review, Jody! I appreciate the time you put into reading the book and writing the review.


  2. I have a question. I see you gave the book 4 stars but I am wondering what you liked about the book?