Sunday, September 2, 2012

Poison Princess- Kresley Cole

Book Name: Poison Princess

Author's Name: Kresley Cole

Category: F/M

Main Characters: Evie & Jackson

Series: The Arcana Chronicles #1

Release Date: 10/02/12

Author's Website:

Blurb: The characters on Tarot cards are real.

The Huntress, the Fool, Death, the Lovers . . . and eighteen other Major Arcana all exist. These warriors, femme fatales, magicians, and devils each have uniquely lethal powers.

And they’re coming for me.

To survive, I’ll have to embrace my own terrifying abilities—and team up with dangerously handsome Jack Deveaux, one of the few people I know that also survived the Flash. But if Jack ever beholds what I truly am, will he abandon me to my fate . . . ?

Review:  Evie is just a normal high school girl from south Louisiana, or at least she is on the outside. No one really knows the struggles she has just to pretend to be normal like her friends and classmates. For a while she has been having end of the world visions and horrible nightmares, not to mention the voices she hears talking to her at all times. The visions got so bad her mother had her locked up in a facility that kept her so drugged, she could hardly speak. With the first day of school came new students from another parish, Jackson is one of the new boys. From the moment these two meet they don’t get along but they still had a strong chemistry pulling them together. Life is going along fine until Evie’s visions come true and the world is hit with what they think is a solar flash. People are burned to ash and the world becomes completely dry and barren. Few people survive, and some that do are turned in zombie like creatures that search for anything liquid, water or blood. Evie is still having visions and hearing voices, the strongest pull her to find them and others like them. Evie soon learns that she is part of a group of people that represent the Tarot cards. War is coming and Evie is right in the middle of it, whether she wants to be or not.
I very rarely read YA books anymore but this one has been on my TBR list for months and I was so excited about reading an ARC. This book pulled me in from the beginning; I stayed up two nights in a row reading past midnight. I could not put it down. The storyline is something I’ve never read before, what a great imagination Ms. Cole has to pull this from. Even with it being a YA book it has love, a hint of sex or at least sexual tension and longing for togetherness without it being the over the top teenage love angst.
Rating: 4.5   Wendy

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  1. Yay! Wonderful review. I have this one on the top of my TBR list. I love KC! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. :)