Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Welcome GABRIELLE BISSETT today on the blog witha Q&A and giveaway.

1. Hi Gabrielle, so glad you are here today. First we want to hear about your series, THE SONS OF NAVARUS.

The Sons series is an erotic paranormal romance series about a group of vampires who must stop their world from being overrun by the law and order vampires, the Archons—eight vampire warriors who must stop the Archons or die trying. Each book is about one of the Sons and contains their romance, but at the same time each book builds on the non-romantic plot of the series.

2. Tell us about the third installment, BLOOD SPIRIT.

Blood Spirit is Terek's story. Of all the Sons, he's the most mystical and spiritual one. He was a monk in his human life, and he has been a very prolific vampire sire with thousands of vampires who are devoted to him. Most of them are female, so to many in the vampire world, Terek is almost a god. But he's met his match in Ilona, a human he turns who doesn't want to be one of thousands. And even worse? The power of telepathy that he's used to seduce women for centuries doesn't work on her. Terek has to do things the old fashioned way and listen to his heart, something he hasn't done since he was a human.

3. Being a college history instructor and loving history as you do, what is your favorite time period of the past?

It's a toss up between ancient Roman times and the medieval period. I've always had a fascination with those eras. I think I fell in love with them in grade school and the fixation grew from there. I put history in every one of my books. It's never too heavy to weigh the story down, but it adds a nice backdrop.

4. The idea for your first book came from a dream. Have you had other dreams come to you that you were able to incorporate into your work?

My first book, Stolen Destiny, came out of a dream, but to be honest, it was more the idea of the race of beings, the Aeveren, that came out of that dream. Then I dreamt the entire first chapter of the novella that began the Sons series, Vampire Dreams. I must be eating weird things before bed. :) To be honest, I often think about my plots and characters just after I wake up in the morning, so I think I must be dreaming about them now too.

5. The world of vampires has a wide spectrum of types, and you have written about several different personalities. Which is your favorite, good, bad, dangerous, selfish,...and why?

I love a bad boy. I can't help myself. I love men who are mad, bad, and dangerous to know. But what's even better is when that bad boy has a heart of gold only one woman can really find. That said, there are days when writing the villain of the Sons series, Marc Verrater, is just too much fun. He is pure evil, and because of that he gets to say and do things a hero would never be able to do. I guess that's a long answer to say I love all types of vampires.

6. As an erotic romance writer, what is the funniest thing that has ever happened encountering a fan?

I had someone approach me and claim that there's no way sex can be as good as in my books. I was floored! I told her I believed it definitely could be, and she then asked if I'd ever had it that good. It was too funny! I think I might have even blushed.

7. We love the name Vasilije, it’s very strong and sexy but not something you hear everyday. How do you decide on the names for your characters?

I'm a huge fan of what one of my English profs called the "name game." Each name I choose either means something or sounds like something I feel is important to the story. Vasilije means "royal", which works because he's descended from Romanian royalty and he certainly acts like a king when he's lording over his vampires. Terek's name means "night caller" and considering how he is viewed by many in the vampire world, the name fits. On the other hand, Sasa's name (the heroine in Book #1, Blood Avenged) doesn't mean anything in particular that works with the story, but I loved the sound of it. Her name sounds kind and sweet, and I imagine coming out of Vasilije's mouth that it sounds incredibly sensual, almost like a whisper.

8. How long does it take you to write a book from beginning to end and what is a writing day like for you?

A book generally takes a few months. I write slowly because I work a full time job and home school my son too, so writing takes place only in the evenings and often all day Saturday. I also handwrite every story before I type it, so that takes longer than simply typing it. But I find that helps me choose my words carefully, which for me is important in creating a story.

A typical writing day begins after dinner and runs through to whenever I can't keep my eyes open any more. I have a minimum goal of 1000 words a day, but sometimes I can reach above that. However, the writing by hand always keeps that goal based in reality.

9. What future projects can you share with us?

I'm writing the fourth book in the Sons series now, Blood Prophecy, and it's going to be a turning point in the series. I'm also beginning to post shorts on my website that are related to the Sons series. The first one is about Hades, the god of the Underworld and father to Macaria, the mother of the vampire race in my Sons of Navarus series. Those shorts will be as spicy as my books, but they'll be free for readers to enjoy.

10. Is there anything you would like for our readers to know about you or your work?
Readers can find me at my website , my blog, on Twitter, and on FB at my page , my author page, and the Sons of Navarus FB page. And, of course, they can email me at gabriellebisset@gmail.com

Thanks so much for having me here today to talk about the Sons and writing. It was fun!

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