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ANGIE FOX is the New York Times bestselling author of several books about vampires, werewolves and things that go bump in the night. She is joining us for a Q&A today about her new M.A.S.H. SERIES

We are so excited because we Absolutely loved reading IMMORTALLY YOURS!!!

Please tell our followers a little bit about the story and your writing journey.

Thanks! I absolutely loved writing Immortally Yours. It was such a fun, new direction for me and I’m thrilled to chat about it.

Immortally Yours is about a group of paranormal M.A.S.H. surgeons in the middle of a great immortal war. The hero, Galen of Delphi is a hot-as-Hades special ops soldier. And the heroine, Petra, is the doctor who saves him in more ways than one.
I wrote Immortally Yours because I wanted to do something different. While it is a romance about two people, it is also about the struggles of the unit as each individual copes with life at the M.A.S.H. 3063rd. In fact, one of the challenges – and the great joys – of writing Immortally Yours was balancing the humor with the stark tragedy of war.
Petra and her colleagues have been drafted until the end of the war, which is bad for Petra but even worse for people like her vampire roommate, Marius. They’re living in this quirky, ad-hock camp, trying to make the best of it while they work long hours in the OR, putting soldiers back together – knowing that they’re probably going to see these injured heroes again and again – if they’re lucky.
The underlying tragedy brings the oddball personalities in the camp together. They develop ways to keep their sanity and to create the kind of relationships that offer a port in the storm.

 No one patches up the incoming wounded like Dr. Petra Robichaud. Recruited by the gods for her uncanny medical skills, she’s the best M*A*S*H surgeon in the army. Along with a nosy guard sphinx, vegetarian werewolf, and other paranormal paramedics, she bandages soldiers who are built like Greek gods (literally.) But when one sexy immortal ends up on her operating table—half dead and totally to-die-for—Petra’s afraid she’ll lose her patient and her heart…
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1.This is going to be a series, right? I mean it has to be,.... there is so much we have to know!
Yes. It’s going to be a trilogy. Yet, I designed each of the books so that they can be read as stand-alone novels, each with a happy ending. Because frankly, I think the world needs more happy endings.

2. Is Marius really gay or maybe bisexual? Can you tell us more about him?
Marius is a vampire surgeon who, in my opinion, has one of the roughest tours of duty with the M.A.S.H. unit. He’s there for the duration of the war, which for him is basically a life sentence. He’s also the type that needs privacy, a rare commodity in a M.A.S.H. unit. Marius is one of the good guys, and he does come through for Petra time and time again. He’s there for her, but in his own way.
And to be fair, Petra and Rodger do drive Marius a bit nuts. They don’t understand his need for privacy or how he misses his old lifestyle. Part of it is that it’s not as easy for many of us to see what is special about Marius’s old vampire lifestyle (with his brotherhood and fancy loft and orgies) vs Rodger’s, with his wife and family. But the loss is just as real to Marius as it is to Rodger, even if “we” don’t get it.
As far as Marius’s sexuality, he’s bisexual. But Petra isn’t really catching on because she tends to take things at face value, especially in the first book. She has an unconscious need to distance herself from the people around her, as if that will somehow make her situation more bearable. This can sometimes blind her to the people around her. At least until she learns to open up as the series progresses.

3. Will Rodger get to go home and spend time with his family?
Yes, at the end of Immortally Yours, Petra gives up her stake in the vacation time and Rodger gets to spend three whole weeks with his family. He spends the entire time playing with his kids and making love to his wife (or as Rodger says, trying for a few more pups).

4.What happened to the dagger after Petra lost it?
Oh my! You are digging for some spoilers today, aren't you? LOL!
I try to look shocked but I can see, I'm not fooling Angie one bit.
This answer will have to wait until book 2, IMMORTALLY EMBRACED. I promise it will be worth the wait.
You're killing me here. Just one tiny little spoiler?
I try to give her my puppy dog begging expression.
I will tell you that Petra has to make a difficult decision in book 2.

5. Tell us more about Jeffe. Does he have a family, how long has he been collecting stamps? 
Jeffe is one of the few volunteer soldiers in the M.A.S.H. unit. He’s somewhat of an innocent. He joined because he wanted to see the world, not counting on the fact that most new army troops end up in Limbo for the war. Maybe he just had a dishonest recruiter. Anyhow, collecting stamps is his new way of seeing the world and going places, his way to cope really.
He does have a family, although he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Yet. He’s one of seven brothers and sisters, the rest of whom are topside. He’s close to his parents and writes them every Sunday. He also keeps a journal of his time in the unit. It’s gorgeous because he likes to decorate the margins. He thinks things should be as artistic as you can make them.
Jeffe is Petra’s foil in a way because he doesn’t make judgements about the world or the people around him. He does his job well. He follows the rules in the M.A.S.H. 3063rd Handbook and he is truly present in the moment. He was also born under a lucky star, which makes him a wicked poker player, as they discover in book 3. Although, in true Jeffe style, he can’t bluff to save his life.

6. Spiros said the bronze dagger was the knife of Atropos, and was a powerful artifact. Would you tell us about it?
Sure. Atropos is one of the three Fates from Greek mythology. She’s known as the inflexible one, or the one who is in charge of inevitable events. Basically, you can’t mess with fate when it comes to Atropos. She finds a way.
So as much as you want to fight it when the knife of Atropos shows up, you can’t. It means you’re on a journey that you must see to completion. If Petra wanted to look it up, the knife would prove she’s been chosen for her quest. Of course, that would just piss her off.

7. Will nurse Hume get to keep his silver Camaro from the Dr. Pepper sweepstakes?
Yes! It’s a rocking ride. And luckily, the gods don’t pay much attention to what mortals have or don’t have. Hume loves that car.

8. Will Galan seek out his mother in the future?
I don’t think so. One of the sad elements of god/demi-god relations is that there is a line that not many gods/goddesses are willing to cross, even for their children. In fact, they really don’t even view parenthood in the same way we do.
Galen is truly an abandoned child, and he’s had to accept that. What he can do about it is find a new family, one that truly does care about him and love him. And that’s what he’s trying to do in this series.

9. Will Galan get his immortality back?
With a mischevious grin on her face, she taps her finger on her chin,.... I don’t know if I should tell you.
How about this for an answer: You will just have to keep reading. But I will tell you this, it does come up in book 3.

Coming Feb 26, 2013
Even during a truce, Dr. Petra Robichaud has her hands full as the M*A*S*H surgeon to an army of warring gods—especially when Medusa herself turns up pregnant. Petra has no idea what to expect when a gorgon’s expecting, but she won’t let it turn her to stone. As the healer-hero of an ancient prophesy, it’s Petra’s job to keep the peace. But as the lover to a warrior demi-god, she knows how impossible some jobs can be…

Commander Galen is sexy, strong, and sworn to lead his team to hell and back. But when he announces to Petra that he can no longer risk her life for his love, the doctor is on her own…Until a mysterious new entity—in the form of a hot-blooded male—enters the picture. Can he be trusted? Can he be resisted? Meanwhile, an oracle delivers another prophesy that places Petra back on the frontlines with the man she may be bound to for eternity—in love, or in war…

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