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Join us today as Rachel Carrington talks about her Paranormal Addiction and reading directions.

My Paranormal Addiction

Guest post for Vampires, Werewolves, and Fairies

By Rachel Carrington
I freely admit my addiction to all things paranormal. I write it. I read it. I watch it. If there was a paranormal radio station, I’d probably listen to it as well. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t enjoy paranormal books, television shows, and movies, but I can remember a time when the addiction got me into trouble. 

The situation took place in my senior year of high school in the 1980s (that’s as close as I’ll come to telling you my age). For one part of our final exam and one-half of our grade, my English Literature teacher provided the class with handouts giving us a choice of reading one of five classic novels. I’d read them all in my freshman and sophomore years so being the creative mind that I was I chose to provide myself with an alternative which, not surprisingly, was Dracula by Bram Stoker.  

We were given a month to read the book and write a book review which we would, of course, stand in front of the class and read. I chose to keep Dracula all to myself and just surprise my teacher when it was my time to read aloud. 

On the day in question, I had a full five page review at the ready, had written myself cue cards, and planned to intrigue the class with my detailed observations about Count Dracula and his battle with Professor Abraham Van Helsing. And I was excited. This was a subject I adored, and I had read Dracula twice before I wrote the review. I was absolutely positive I was going to get an A. Probably even extra credit for being so creative. 

When I stood up at the front of the class and began my dissertation, I only made it through the first three sentences before my teacher stopped me. Then the floor fell out from under me. Apparently, in my haste to be both innovative and daring, I hadn’t read the fine print on the handout. YOU MUST CHOOSE ONE OF THESE BOOKS TO READ. NO OTHER CHOICES WILL BE ACCEPTED. Okay, so the print wasn’t that fine, but I overlooked it anyway. And to top that, my teacher abhorred Dracula. (I’m sure it wasn’t just him. She probably had it out for all vampires.) I got an F on that assignment which brought my grade average down to a C for which I still blame my addiction. 

Now, years later, here I am making a career out of writing the very books my teacher detested. Does anyone see the irony?
Vampires Destined, Volume I
Three vampires. Separate destinies. All desiring a woman to love them for who they are not what they are.
Includes all three bestselling titles, Vampire Cursed, Vampire Forgotten, and Vampire Betrayed.

Vampire Cursed

Book One
Cursed to live alone. Existing as cold, soulless vampire. His life is no longer his own.
Nathaniel, Duke of Lehr, has been waiting for someone to love, a woman to break the witch’s curse that holds him captive within the walls of his own home. For only unfettered, unconditional love will sever the ties binding him to a reality he abhors.
Abby’s been drawn to Castle Lehr for a long time. She wants an interview with the elusive owner, a chance for a big break in journalism. But the story isn’t one she can write about in the newspaper.
One moment, one connection, is all it takes for Nathaniel to realize his heart will be forever bound to Abby’s, but could she ever trust a vampire much less love one?

Vampire Forgotten

Book Two
Forgotten in the mountains of Romania. Forced to live a life he didn’t choose. Suffering the daily pain of loneliness. Spending an eternity without the touch of a woman’s hand.
Though damned as a vampire, Rhad Valentine has been given what some might call the gift of psychic sight. He sees it as a constant reminder of real life going on without him—a life he cannot live.
Mischa Bonovich is on a desperate mission to find her missing sister, Rianna. Led to the mountains of her homeland by the faint call of Rianna’s voice, Mischa needs Rhad’s gift and his strength.
Wild hunger, both foreign and welcome, drives Rhad to his knees. He’d never held a woman so soft. Kissed one so responsive. And in spite of his inner protests, he’ll do anything to help her. Anything to feel just one more touch of her hand.
In the dark forests of Romania, Rhad’s desire won’t be quenched until he tastes what only Mischa can offer, but first, he must save her from a man who has nothing to lose. A man who holds a deadly secret that could tear Mischa from Rhad’s arms before love can happen.

Vampire Betrayed

Book Three
Damned to be a creature of the night. Disillusioned by the promise of love which can never be his. Betrayed by his own and the woman he loves.
Joaquin never intended to fall in love, especially not with a mortal. A human could never understand his kind, the torture of his daily existence, but his heart doesn’t follow his head. And he finds love in the arms of a woman who knows nothing about his true existence.
After just three short months, Ariana believes she’s has found the man she would risk everything for. Then she learns the truth. A dark, twisted truth that becomes the catalyst for a life-changing decision when she believes a sorceress’s lies.
Once together, Joaquin and Ariana now find themselves on the opposite ends of the battlefield. Vampire versus hunter. Each destined to kill the other. Neither able to forget the magical nights, the feel of skin on skin, or the sounds of whispers in the dark.
In a world of betrayal and lies, love is crushed, but Joaquin isn’t ready to give up. And when he discovers the true nature of Ariana’s change, he has to save her before she realizes what she has become.

About Rachel
Rachel Carrington began her career writing fantasy romances of powerful wizards and wicked witches. Since then, she has branched out into paranormal romance and romantic suspense. She’s published with Ellora’s Cave, Samhain Publishing, Red Sage Publishing, and more.
Currently, a freelance editor/writer residing in historical Charleston, South Carolina, Rachel has written non-fiction articles for Absolute Write, The Writer’s Journal, Writing for Dollars, Writer’s Magazine, and Writer’s Weekly.
When not writing, Rachel loves to read, watch movies, cross-stitch, cook, and drink lots of coffee. You can find her online at as well as the social media sites below:

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