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Social Media is a great way for authors to promote their work and to get that "personal" connection to the readers so they feel like they know you. But there are some definite do's and don'ts so that you are professional and not viewed as a pest or a newbie. 

First let's talk Twitter. If you're not on it, you might want to be. It's a great promotions vehicle and I know my sales skyrocketed once I joined and started actively tweeting. Feel free to engage people, RT (Retweet) Tweets you like. Reply to people's Tweets (in a professional manner) and Tweet yourself. You can even tweet links to your newest books, blogs, reviews etc. But make sure that's not ALL you do. If you only bombard people with promo 24/7, they will unfollow you and not come back. Twitter is a way to get to know others and let them get to know you. Get in on the conversation and don't just be a promo spammer. Even tweets about your word count that day, your computer that crashed or your cat who likes to lie on your keyboard while you write will be more interesting and fun to read than ONLY promo, and will make people more likely to click on any links you include. Don’t forget to check out theirs too and RT other author's promo when appropriate. The favor is usually returned. Twitter is big on Karma :)

Now about Facebook. Facebook is a HUGE social media machine and a great vehicle for authors not only to get access to readers, but other authors. However, don't forget that this is a very small business (relatively speaking) and you don't want authors, agents, editors or readers to remember your name for the wrong reasons! Again, doing promo 24/7 as your status updates won't win you any friends and will probably lose you a few—even some of your family and close friends. People love to see the actual inside view of what a writer's life is like. Let them inside (without giving too much info about your kids, where you live etc). Always be safe and don't give information that will compromise your safety or that of your family. And also, be professional at all times! Not only readers and authors are on Facebook, but also editors and agents, and like I said, you want them to remember you for the right reasons, not the wrong ones. And yes, a lot of them are very active on Social Media. 

First, when someone accepts your friend request, do NOT spam them with a note saying, "Thanks and here's a link to my latest book, blog etc." You may not think of it as spam but they do. They probably know you're an author from when they looked at your profile to decide to friend you or not. If they wanted to find your books, blog etc, they could've done it then. Most authors (and non authors) will consider that intrusive and even spam. Don't do it! By the same token, don't post links to your books or blogs on other people's pages without permission. That is definitely spamming and will most likely be reported as just that, which could result in loss of permissions on Facebook. 

Groups and Invites. These are big areas of possible non professional behavior and one of the biggest dissatisfiers I've heard from other authors on Facebook. Do NOT set up a group and just invite your whole friend list. Authors (and non authors) will consider that spam (they'll start getting hundreds of notifications when they haven't even agreed to be in your group). You may not think it's a bit deal, but think of it from a working author's perspective. They are most likely dealing with deadlines, blog writing and all the other things that go with being a working author and now they have to take time to go and leave your group and delete all those annoying notifications. They will definitely remember your name, but again, not in a good way! 

That brings me to invites. Never set up and invite and then invite your entire friends list. I hate getting invitations to events that are hundreds or even thousands of miles away from where I live. And once again, I have to use valuable time to go and decline that invitation or receive a ton of notifications every time someone posts to that invitation. A lot of authors will report those as spam or consider them spam, so again – act professionally and be selective about who you invite. 

Don't spam other people's comments. If you see a post by someone else and want to comment something pertinent, then by all means, comment. That's part of what Facebook is all about. Just remember that anything you post will reflect on your author persona if you are posting in that persona. If it's your personal page and isn't linked to your author page, then feel free to post what you'd like, although breaking these rules in either capacity won't win you friends. However, don't post links to your books or blogs etc into comments sections on other people's status updates unless they are specifically asking for that. Be smart and act professionally at all times. 

You might be surprised, but I see this a lot. Do NOT go onto someone else's website and post links to your books or even "Hey, come check out my book" notes in their guest book section! I've even seem people post You Tube links to their book trailers. 

Are you sensing a theme here? Good. Act professionally at all times. Remember that there is a karma to social media and even readers will see when you aren't acting as you should in the industry you've chosen. 

Now if you've asked a good friend to help you promote your new book and they've agreed, then the best thing is to get THEM to post your link and a little note of "check out my wonderful critique partner's new release!" That doesn't look as rude and self serving as you posting it on there, even with permission. 

Social Media is a terrific thing for all, if used correctly. Just be mindful of HOW you use it and it can be a terrific tool for helping you build not only your readership and author brand but your sales.

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