Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Books Name: FROZEN

Author's Name: Michel Prince
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Category: M/F
Main Characters: Nye and Kiriana

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Blurb: You close your eyes and finally make the decision to end your life only to have him show up. Gabriel, here to give you a second chance at salvation. They say he’s an angel, but then again, they don’t have to serve under him. He offers you a chance to be a member of the Frozen, a group of demon hunters. Serve your sentence and you can ascend to heaven. Refuse? Well, the punishment's been clearly laid out in the scriptures. It’s a last chance. But when your body is frozen in time, can your heart still beat? Nye, a former slave who lost his love and was tired of being under the control of another, ended his life in 1859. His stubborn ways kept him under Gabriel’s thumb and from ascending to Heaven. Feeling that a woman was the cause of his downfall, Nye hasn’t had the urge for a woman for over a hundred and fifty years. Knowing he has less than seven years left until he earns salvation, he's staying on the straight and narrow – until a woman gets caught in the crossfire during a demon hunt. Receiving devastating news, Kiriana moves across the country only to get caught up in the world of The Frozen. With each passing moment, Nye and Kiriana are pulled into an attraction that could be their ultimate demise. Or their greatest salvation. All the while Damarion, is leading a group of female demons as they try to protect the demons sent from Hell to obtain the souls of humans. Being assigned to Earth as a punishment for crimes against the royal family, Damarion learns that there are dangers within his coven trying to take him down and stop him from returning to his love, still trapped in Hell. A love he was so sure was true...

Shonna's review:   A chance to right his wrong, Nye, a slave from the 1800’s, agrees to become a “Frozen” after committing suicide. To keep from being sent to hell, Gabriel offers him the punishment of being held (frozen so to speak) in time, between heaven and hell until a sentence is served of killing demons as they enter the human realm. Upon completion of the sentence his soul would be safe to ascend into heaven.
Mount Pleasant, Iowa is one of the twelve hell gate openings that demons use to spread evil on the surface of earth. During one mission, while chasing a demon, Nye’s partner misses her target and her poisoned arrow accidentally strikes a jogging human. Feeling the need to help and protect her, Nye takes her back to the compound to heal her wound.
Kiriana has made a heartbreaking sting of wrong choices. Now she must live with those decisions for the rest of her life, while feeling the things she was truly looking to understand will never be a part of her world. While drawn to the man that saved her from death, Kiriana struggles with what she sees as she looks in the mirror and the broken self worth she carries.
As Nye and Kiriana try to stand by their own personal negatives as reason to stay away from one another, fate has a different plan. Despite the flaws of their past, together they start a new beginning with a love that outshines all else, yet a HEA isn’t the end of this story.

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