Sunday, June 1, 2014

DIRE WANTS by Stephanie Tyler

Book Name: Dire Wants

Author'sName: Stephanie Tyler

Category: M/F

MainCharacters: Stray & Kate

Series: Eternal Wolf Clan #2

Release Date: 11/06/12


BLURB: The supernatural world is rising up against the human one. The weretrappers want control, and only the immortal Dire wolves stand in the way of total destruction. Stray, a Dire, and his long-lost brother, Killian, emerge as the leaders of their pack. To keep themselves and the humans safe, the Dires need a witch as powerful as Seb, who betrayed the Dires to work for the weretrappers. 
They find what they are looking for in Kate, a human who survived a horrible car accident that left her back scarred with a handprint no one else can see. Stray senses Kate's abilities as a witch and recruits her to help the Dires- all the while knowing she is so powerful they will need to kill her once she helps defeat the weretrappers. 
Stray doesn't expect the powerful connection that he feels with Kate, or the irresistible need to protect her. They cannot hide their feelings for each other, and what once was taboo now seems inevitable...

Wendy's Review:  Wolves, Witches and a lone Vampire- my kind of story. I'm not sure how to describe what I like about this whole story line, I mean I really enjoy the sexy as hell wolves but there is more to it than that. All I can say is it's almost like the Black Dagger Brotherhood but with wolves. They live together, work together and watch each others backs while fighting. The sparks fly fast and furious between Stray and Kate but the love does not happen over night. For Stray, it's not about his feelings towards Kate as a woman, it's more his dislike of all witches. Their powers work together for many reasons but there are reasons for him to pull away from her but also there are reasons why he growls whenever another male goes anywhere near her. The push and pull between them brings so much to the story. Through war and hurt feelings from the past these two work together to make their future brighter and happier. 
My only problem so far with the entire series- in the prequel book, and books 1 & 2 are the typos, more along the line of the wrong name of the character or that one minute he was wearing sweats and the next he was taking off his jeans but those are things I can get past because I do like this series. But I'm throwing it out there, I am more than willing to read the next books in the series before they go to the publisher to check for typos- LOL
My Rating: 4.5
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