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Book Name: Fear the Beast Within

Series: The Fear Series #1

Author: L. R. Barrett-Durham & E. G. Glover
Release Date: 03/08/12

Main Characters: Saxton & Licah

Category: M/F  

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Heat Level: Tingly 

Blurb: Teenagers Saxton Lyall and Licah Daciana are tossed into a web of nightmarish proportions when a simple glance across a coffee shop turns their world upside down.
When the mark of an ancient curse burns into their skin, Licah's superstitious Romanian mother ships her off to Virginia without an explanation. 
Now, it's nineteen years later and Licah has returned to Parker's Ridge for a little rest and relaxation to help cure her writer's block. Little does she know that Saxton is near and things are about to get horrifically interesting.
Two People. One Curse. But this time, no one is running.

LT's Review: When I first started reading I was worried because I don’t like to read YA. 
It starts as two teenagers who can’t be in the same area without causing each other burning pain in their chests.  Licah has a family secret that runs in her family starting back in the 1700’s, her mother and grandmother knows and are not willing to tell her until she comes home with a burned scar of a paw on her chest.  When they see this, her mother moves her out of the small town and away from the boy she was drawn to but could never get close to.
Saxton knew something was wrong with him. He had only seen Licah twice but each time he got close to her a burning pain spreads through his chest and his body physically started to change. Knowing he needs help he went to the only person who knew anything about weird things no one else believed in. 
George was a mystic shop keeper and as soon as he saw the mark on Saxton's chest he made it his mission to help his young friend. 

Almost 18 years later for no reason Licah could explain she had to return to the small town her mother moved her from the same night she saw the mark on her.  But seeing Saxton did more than just hurt them in each other present. It changed him right in front of her eyes. 

My Rating: 4

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