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Book Name: Luca’s Magic Embrace

Author's Name: Kym Grosso

Category: M/F

Main Characters: Luca & Samantha

Series: Immortals of New Orleans (book 2)

Release Date: 10/17/12

Author's Website:

BLURB: Sexy vampire, Luca Macquarie doesn’t do love; especially not with humans. Yet, ever since he rescued Samantha Irving, he can’t deny the enigmatic attraction he’s developed for the alluring mortal woman.  Concerned for her safety, he’s determined to bring Samantha back to her coven.  His mission is to go find the novice witch and bring her home, nothing more, nothing less; falling for her is not supposed to be part of the plan.
Samantha doesn’t want to be a witch, yet that’s exactly what she is.  After failing to elicit her magic, she escapes to the mountains in an attempt to resume a semblance of her previous human life. When an arsonist torches her cabin, Samantha’s worst fears are realized.  Aware that her life is on the line, she reluctantly agrees to return to New Orleans with Luca.
In the Big Easy, Samantha and Luca embark on a spellbinding journey, searching for a mystical amulet that promises to release her obligation from an ancient, lethal vampire who’s been threatening her life.  With cryptic clues and clandestine allies, will Luca and Samantha destroy the dangerous amulet before others acquire it, setting forth a chain of catastrophic consequences?  And will Luca give into his erotic desire for the witch who magically captures heart?

WENDY’S REVIEW: I really enjoyed this book but I am not sure if I would read it alone without reading the first one (I bought book one to read because I want to know how, when, where and why the other couples came to be).
Luca is a vampire who lives his life for his race, not for the little humans, they are for some entertainment but mainly just for food to him. It's not that he has a bad attitude towards humans, I think it's just an indifference towards their lack of evolving. Living in New Orleans suits him and he is happy, or so he thinks, with his life and with working for his best friend and head vampire, Kade. Luca and Samantha met in the first book and since he rescued her, he has been drawn to her. While delivering her to her new coven he is kidnapped and silvered. He has just enough strength, after been held tied down for days, to mentally contact Kade for his help. Once Kade and his mate rescue him and save his life, Luca heads up north to bring Samantha back to New Orleans, to keep her safe. Samantha just wants to be left alone, she wants to get her barrens before she goes back to the real world and her real job. The feelings between the two started when Luca rescued her from the evil vampires so when he shows up at her cabin, sparks start to fly again. Back in New Orleans the new, what they think, evil vampire starts to make demands on Samantha. 
This was a fast paced book and I really did enjoy the story but I know I would have enjoyed it a lot more if I would have read book one first.  If you like vampires and werewolves, this is the series for you.
My Rating: 4

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