Sunday, December 30, 2012


Book Name: Ember’s Curse

Author:  Gena D Lutz

Series: Prime Wolf series #1

Release Date: 12/15/12

Main Characters: Ember & Collin 

Category: F/M


Heat Level:  Flaming 

Blurb:  A curse hides her most sensual desires...
His kiss can unleash them all...
For Prime-Werewolf Ember Stilwell, life has been far from normal. Decades ago, a vengeful Witch cursed her Pack, leaving the women of her line incapable of feeling love. When an organized group of immortal killers begin to stalk and capture wolves from her pack, she sets out on a path fraught with danger. Just when it seems the world as she knows it will be changed forever, she meets Collin, an Alpha Werewolf with a body built for sin. As her heart begins to heal, she comes to find that the demons of her past are not nearly as dangerous as the nightmares she will be forced to face in her future. Can finding her true love conquer all? Or will the ability to feel for the first time be overshadowed by losing everything else she holds dear?

LT'S REVIEW: I love this new way of making new paranormal Beings for us. I really like so much about this book. But I don’t want to tell you to much. One of the best parts is LOVE. Yes, we all know I love, LOVE.  Love at first sight, no one having to go figure out their feelings and pushing the other away. They see each other and literally fall for each other. They are madly in love for the rest of the book. Of course there are things that want to tear them apart.  Ok, time to introduce them, a little bit about Ember, she is half wolf and half Vampire, but the wolf is more dominate. She also has the added powers from being a prime wolf, these wolves were cursed years ago and, there are only a few. The females don’t really feel emotions towards males, only their true mates. But of course the males don’t have these limitations. Ember is more powerful than her cousin, who is the alpha but when he tries to marry her to someone that is not her true mate all bets are off.  Collin is a wolf and a pack enforcer. His cousin Nathan (Ember’s good friend) tells him he needs help after some of his pack members were killed and others were kidnapped and unable to go to their own Alpha. Collin rushes in to help. Within seconds of meeting Ember his life changes and she becomes the most important person in his life. With their mating and bonding Collin learns that they are totally bonded when they both start to go through a change that no other mated couple have done before. This change makes them stronger than either Vamp or wolf. 

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