Monday, December 10, 2012


Book Name: My Familiar Stranger  

Author's Name: Victoria Danann

Category: F/M, M, M   

Main Characters: Elora, Ram, Storm and Baka 

Series: #1 in The Order of the Black Swan

Release Date: 04/21/12 

Heat Level: Stormy

BLURB: Minutes ahead of inevitable assassination, Elora Laiken is forced into an experimental device that transports her to a dimension that is similar, but not identical to her own. As a stranger in a strangish land, she makes the best of the situation as the first female operative in an ancient fraternity of vampire hunters and paranormal investigators known as The Order of the Black Swan. She needs courage, wit, skill, and the enhanced physical abilities she gained by slipping dimensions to succeed as part of an elite team, but distractions abound with four men in hot pursuit: three want her affections, one wants her life.Of course a young woman could suffer worse problems than having gorgeous men in love with her. Perhaps more importantly, in the midst of an epidemic of vampire related abductions, can she stay alive long enough to choose between the devotion of the noble and stalwart knight who has saved her life twice, the charm and sexual magnetism of the fun loving elf who wants to claim her as his mate, or the passion of the intensely seductive, six-hundred-year-old vampire?

LT’S REVIEW: I’d like to start this off by saying peanut butter covered penis. But I want you to read that to experience it. How to describe a triangle with one woman and three men who are in love with her? A rectangle? When Elora arrived at the Order of the Black Swan she was in bad shape. Appearing to have been skinned alive. And not sure what she was, half of the team just wanted to kill her. Except for one member who wanted to save the creature and see what it really was. Storm stayed by her side until she started to look human again healing more and faster than any other human ever had been able to. All they while developing feelings for her. They soon learned that she was from another dimension and she was stronger and more skilled then they were. Sadly before meeting Elora the B team had just lost a member. They were fighting a rogue bunch of Vampires when he was killed. Leaving Storm, Kay and Ram one man short and heart broken. After Elora had proven she could do the job, she booted the next man in line out of the spot making a fast enemy of Ghost. Ram is a man whoring Elf until he lays eyes on Elora and realizes she is his mate. Not wanting to hurt his partner Storm who had been there for Elora since day one, when he just wanted to kill it. But knew that was his only chance for true love. Baka is a vampire with regrets. After living for hundreds of years like a mosquito because vampires are not really good or evil. They are just drawn to drink blood without thought until they reach a certain age. Then all the memories of what they did come back to them full force. Most can’t live with themselves, except Baka wanted to help with some of the wrong he had done. So he turned his self into the order and was used against other vampires. Until he laid his very lonely eyes and heart on Elora and knew he had to get to know her.

My Rating: 4.5

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