Monday, December 3, 2012


Book Name: Sins of the Father

Author's Name: J.L. McCoy

Category: M/F

Main Characters: Skye, Archer & Jameson

Series: Skye Morrison Vampire Series

Release Date: 07/18/12

Heat Level: Intriguing
BLURB: After a shocking admission by Archer Rhys, Skye Morrison and the rest of The Mausoleum's vampire crew have to deal with the aftermath of Houston business owner and fellow vampire Greyson Mead's murder. Agruesome discovery in Skye's driveway forces her out of her house and temporarily into Archer's lakeside mansion with her co-workers Trey, Hunter,Quinn, Seamus, Lochlan, Jameson, and of course the ever jealous Aoife. Skye must now live under the same roof with the two men she wants most and things are bound to get complicated. With a psychotic murderer on the loose hell bent on killing vampires and the appointed army of The Faithful having no luck in finding them, will Skye's new boss and co-workers live to see next week? Will Skye make it out of Archer's mansion alive?

LT’S REVIEW: We find ourselves even deeper in this love triangle between Skye, Archer and Jameson. In the first book it seemed after Jameson found out Archer was interested in Skye he backed off romantically. But with Skye confessing feelings and attraction to both of them, it motivated Jameson to continue his pursuit.
Skye doesn’t want to come between them, those damn vampire pheromones keep her hot and bothered each time she’s near them, but she knows there’s more to these feelings than that.
Archer is aware that Jameson had feelings for Skye before him. He doesn’t want  to hurt him, but the pull he has to Skye is stronger than anything else he has ever felt in his long life and the need to protect her is overwhelming. Vampires feeding off other vampires are unheard of, except in rare occasions when a mated couple does it. Archer will do anything necessary to protect her and the children he sired from the monster vampire eater.
My Review: 4

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