Monday, December 10, 2012


Book Name: The Magick of Christmas  

Author's Name:Susan Mac Nicol  

Category: F/M 

Main Characters: Stacey & Nick

Heat Level: Romantic

Release Date: 11/15/12

BLURB: A young London witch discovers the one magic more powerful than her own: love and desire in the Christmas season.

LT’S REVIEW: Stacey is an ex-ice skater witch who thinks she must use spells to make men attracted to her because of a limp after a hard fall on the ring. Then she finds her match in a handsome man she has seen a couple dozen times at a coffee shop. Never brave enough to actually talk to him, she spends her time staring at his butt from behind. Until one day he walks to her desk where she is a legal secretary, and learns he’s the same very rich game creator, who’s briefs she has been working on with her boss. Thinking this would be her only chance to get his attention, she puts a small attraction spell on the envelope before handing it to him. Everything seems to work, and they hit off. But he has one question for her. “Why did you TRY to spell me?” 
My Rating: 4

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