Sunday, June 1, 2014


Book Name: Fear the Thirst Within

Author's Name: L.R. Barrett-Durham & E.G. Glover

Category: F/M

Main Characters: Ronnie & Jessica

Series: Fear Series #2

Release Date:  05/18/12

Heat Level: Simmering
BLURB: Ronnie Gray and Jessica Danley just want to play music and stay out of trouble. But an insidious plot is afoot in the small town of Parker's Ridge, and their band, Amped, is the only lead when teenagers start disappearing. When Jessica vanishes too, Ronnie takes action only to be sucked into a world he thought only existed in movies. Now, it's fifteen years later and the vampire see the has moved back into the Memphis area. Ronnie pines for his lost companion and he has to find a way to escape. Little does he know that The Home of the Blues has more in store for him than he thought, and things are about to get complicated.   Two Vampires.   One Sadistic Master.   Who will win?

LT’S REVIEW: Jessica is a high school student and the lead singer in a band. She’s different from most kids in her class, she's the goth girl with a purple streak in her hair. She has secret feelings for Ronnie, a member in her band, but would never tell him. He was too good and kind to be her type. So instead she would always seek his approval with music and songs she choose to sing. Ronnie has watched Jessica date on and off with different members of the band. He knows he cares about her, but doesn’t want to lose their friendship by making it weird and telling her. Being the somewhat party girl Jessica is, she went to a rave with another guy from school in hopes to get away from her ex-boyfriend. Unfortunately for her, the rave she went to was a set up by the emotion sucking Vampires to feed freely. These Vampires can drink blood, but are told by the master not to. Jessica is taken by a newly turned vamp and after he fed from her emotions he could not help but bite her also, almost sucking her dry.
Ronnie knows something is wrong after reporting Jessica missing to the sheriff, because then the sheriff was nowhere to be found either. Ronnie went off looking for her. He finds her jeep and hears the vampires below ground, while trying to figure out how to save her. Bursting in with a weapon he kills the vampire that hurt Jessica. Just as he is about to go to her, the master walks in and cleans house leaving most for dead and taking Ronnie with “him”. Ronnie struggles and reveals to everyone that the Master is a woman. Something she has kept secret for hundreds of years.  

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