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I'm here to introduce my new paranormal novel in the All the King's Men (AKM) series. Rebel Obsession is the third novel in my All the King's Men (AKM) series, and tells the story of the ill-reputed playboy, Io, as he finds himself lured out of his Casanova ways into uncharted territory: monogamy. As you can imagine, for Io to discard his womanizing lifestyle, which he was quite content living, takes a pretty special female. Enter the king's daughter, Miriam. She's one such female, and not because of her royal connection. Io was smitten with her even before learning she was the princess. Unfortunately, her father stands in their way of being together, and when a rebel like Io goes up against the king to stake a claim to his daughter, sparks will definitely fly. But it sure makes for an entertaining story as we follow along and see how Io will overcome the adversity King Bain represents to take what's his, Miriam.
People have asked me, why vampires? Why did I choose to write about vampires over werewolves, shifters, or some other kind of paranormal creature? Aren't vampires played out already?
My answer: I write about vampires because they fascinate me. I've always had a thing for vampires, from before the movie, The Lost Boys, where I fell in love with Kiefer Sutherland; since before Gary Oldman played the magnetic and enigmatic Dracula; since before Chris Sarandon played a vampire in the cheesy cult flick, Fright Night. Since even before Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt starred in Anne Rice's, Interview With a Vampire, or Stuart Townsend (hottie) played Lestat in Queen of the Damned. I mean, really, how can vampires be played out? They've endured since before Stoker even penned the original Dracula…and they're damn hot and sexy, yes?
The trick is in giving vampires something new and readers a fresh take on an old legend. I'd like to think I've given my vampires just enough of a difference and spark of originality that even those who were beginning to tire of the same ol' same ol' will find my series refreshing enough to discover a new love for the genre.
I don't plan to always write about vampires, but for the All the King's Men series, this is what I was drawn to. I thought playing on something I knew well, and which "spoke" to me, rather than trying to create an entirely new world was a good way to get my feet wet in the publishing world, and my fans seem excited with my endeavor. But future series I write will venture down new paranormal paths. Perhaps more sci fi in nature than paranormal. We'll see. One thing I can be sure of is that romance and passion will remain powerful centerpieces in any world I create.
For now, let me introduce you to Io and Miriam.
 Here's an excerpt of Rebel Obsession:
For a second, Io quieted as if her use of the f-word had caught him off guard. Most likely it had. The princess wasn't supposed to speak such language, after all. Well, fuck being a well-mannered princess. She wouldn't be what others expected. She would be herself. If only she could figure out exactly who that was.
"No, you didn't fuck up. You just made a mistake. We all make mistakes." Io leaned toward her, holding her arms in a half-hug. "If you'll let me, I can help you."
Miriam looked over her shoulder. His face was so close to hers that she momentarily caught her breath and lost her train of thought before getting herself back on track. "My father will never let you. You know that. If he saw what you're doing right now, he would cut off your hands. You heard your boss two weeks ago. No one is allowed to touch me, remember?" Resentment edged her voice.
She couldn't let herself get too close to Io, even though she wanted nothing more than that very thing. But her father would never allow it. He would destroy Io if he knew what had happened tonight, even though Io had only been trying to help her.
"Do I look scared?" Io said, brushing his palms up her arms, over her shoulders, and down either side of her spine.
Well, actually, no he didn't, and she almost smiled at his bravado, impressed that she had found another like her: someone who didn't wilt under the power of her father the way most everybody else did. Still, she couldn't let Io get hurt.
"Look, Io…." She huffed and pursed her lips. "I appreciate what you've done for me tonight, but—"
He pushed forward and kissed her. Not a passionate, open-mouthed, let's-get-naked kind of kiss. It was a simple press of his lips against hers.
Her first real kiss. And it was Io giving it to her. Her heart went from zero to sixty in less than one second.
A squeak broke in the back of her throat and her eyes shot wide as she froze, but no way was she going to pull away. His lips felt too inviting, too warm, too firm. Too perfect. She had dreamed about what her first kiss would feel like and how it would happen, but she had never imagined that such a simple, innocent meeting of lips would set her insides into fits of somersaults on a lava flow.
For several seconds, he held his mouth against hers then drew back, his lips clinging to hers for a second before pulling away, leaving cold emptiness in their wake. The stunned shock written on her face apparently amused him.
"What?" he said, grinning.
Miriam opened her mouth, but no words came out. Only a quiet huff of air. No male had ever had the balls to break her father's rules and kiss her, but Io wasn't following in the footsteps of those others. Maybe that was why she was so drawn to him, because she could sense his fearless drive to do what he wanted when he wanted, despite the rules and acceptable social customs.
Of all the elite males who had wanted her hand over the years, and who had been flatly denied by her father when not a single spark of the mating call revealed itself in them, here was Io—who was a whole lot of nothing special—and he was the one she wanted. He didn't have super powers as far as she could tell, and he didn't come from any of the aristocratic families in her father's circle, but she was drawn to him as if he were a magnet and she were steel. Io had dared to go where no male had gone before, simply taking her mouth with his without preamble or warning, and that simple, brazen gesture made her want him in a way she had never felt.
"Why did you do that?" She touched her fingertips to her lips, still in shock with her body doing a lot of dipsy-doodle in her tummy that radiated out through her limbs.
"What? Kiss you?"
She nodded.
"Well, because I wanted to." He shrugged one shoulder. "And because I wanted to shut you up. It sounded like you were about to say something I didn't want to hear."
"Oh? Such as?" She bit her lip and answered his charming smile with one of her own.
Io chuckled. "It sounded like you were getting ready to say something like, 'I can't stay,' or 'I can't be with you.' And, frankly, that's unacceptable."
Her heart skipped. She had wanted to see Io again but hadn't dared to hope he would feel the same way. And she had been scared to see him for this very reason. Now that he had kissed her, she wanted him to do it again. In fact, her body squirmed for him to do a lot more than just kiss her. In the history of bad ideas, this had to be the worst ever.
A lifetime spent not knowing the feel of a male's kiss or his touch left her yearning for more. Like a fire doused with gasoline, control fell away and only one thought remained. More. More Io. More kisses. More touching. More of all of him.
The only male who had ever touched her more intimately than those in her family had been the family physician, but Miriam didn't count him. The doctor was clinical and unattractive. Io, on the other hand, was very much the opposite. Io was warm, open, and beyond what she heard human girls describe as hot. He's hawt! they would say. Io was definitely hawt!
Heat pooled between her legs, and she shifted on the couch to ease the tightness in her belly and thighs, her eyes trained on this mouth.
"Unacceptable how?" she said, her voice breathy.
Io stood up and held out his hand, his gaze locking on hers, his eyelids hooded. "Because I haven't been able to stop thinking about you since I met you."
Oh, God. Miriam's breath caught. She was in so much trouble. 

 Rise of the Fallen (AKM #1)
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In the streets of Chicago exists an uneasy, centuries-old truce between vampires and their distant cousins, a race of shifters called drecks. Vampire enforcement agency, All the King's Men (AKM), is charged with maintaining the truce, but when volatile enforcer Micah Black loses his mate and falls into the biological agony that results from the broken bond, he tests the boundaries of the truce by seeking out Apostle, a leader in the dreck community. Micah wants Apostle to kill him, a request Apostle is more than happy to fulfill. 
When ex-Army medic Samantha Garrett inadvertently disrupts the plot and saves Micah's life, a chain reaction sets Micah's heart on a collision course with Sam's, but he will have to protect her from Apostle and her obsessive ex-husband, Steve, if they will have a chance at forever. Can Micah hold his emotions together to keep Sam alive?
Heart of the Warrior (AKM #2)
Amazon  /  B&N  /  Smashwords
Severin was born to be a warrior. Conceived as a mixed-blood when his vampire father raped his dreck mother over two centuries ago, Severin retained the power of iron skin inherent to newborn drecks. However, Sev keeps this secret closely guarded. If it's discovered that inferior dreck blood flows in his vampire veins, it could destroy his life. And to make matters worse, his father suddenly wants to make amends for his transgressions  Sev wants nothing of his father's apology, especially now, as he contends with both an assassin who has marked Sev for blood vengeance and his obsessive attraction to his teammate, Arion.
Arion is the son of King Bian's liaison, Gregos Savakis, who had Ari's course plotted before he was even born. But what Ari's overbearing parents wanted for him wasn't what Arion wanted for himself, and a lifetime spent fighting through one relationship after another with females from all walks of life has left him weary in his search for a mate. After a startling and erotic encounter with Sev, Ari has begun to realize why. He's gay. And now he can't stop thinking about Sev. Arion suddenly realizes he's been forcing himself to be with females because that's what his parents expected. But what he wants is a male, and not just any male. Arion wants Severin.
Can the two overcome the secrets, prejudice, plotting, and the threat on Severin's life to find happily ever after with each other?

 Micah's Calling (AKM #2.5)

Author's Note: This is a novella supplement to the All the King's Men series. It is highly advised that you read Rise of the Fallen before reading this novella. Reading book two of the series Heart of the Warrior, would also be beneficial, but not absolutely necessary before reading Micah's Calling.

With the threat of Apostle behind him and Samantha's life finally out of danger, Micah's mating phase, known as the calling, unfurls to full strength. Unable to resist the demands of his body and the hormonal heat that drive him to propagate the vampire race, Micah loses himself in the pleasure Sam gives him, yearning for her body to receive his seed to create new life. But after what Sam has been through- barely surviving Apostle's venomous bite, and then Micah's own venom to counter Apostle's and make her immortal- Micah knows Sam's body has suffered too much to accept a child so soon.
But the desire to nest and start a family isn't the only thing Samantha has awakened in Micah. She has also stirred Micah's long-dormant love of domination. With Sam, Micah finds himself longing to re-open his dungeon, and Sam wants to know more about this kinky world she has heard so much about but never tried. When Micah takes Sam to a scene party to introduce her to the BDSM lifestyle, their lives are turned upside-down when Micah is asked to assist in dominating a fellow dom's submissive, only to discover the submissive is his friend, Traceon. 
Throughout her journey in this new world Micah has introduced her to, Sam begins to realize several hard truths about herself and what she wants. Will Micah allow her to explore her new interests? And will the new direction in his friendship with Traceon prove to be too much and break the bonds that have begun to tie them to one another?

Micah's Calling is a story of devotion beyond the level of friendship that will light your immagination on fire.

Strong secual content, voyeurism, exhibitionism, BDSM, knife play, mild menage, and much more.

Rebel Obsession (AKM #3)
Just Released- JANUARY 2, 2013
Amazon / Smashword / B&N / ARe
Former cobalt addict and AKM drug counselor, Io is a male vampire known as much for his abrasive personality as for his playboy lifestyle. In other words, he's not the likeliest to make friends and settle down. Life on the edge suits him, and he lives full throttle, making his own rules, and damn the consequences. What he wants, he takes, and what he wants now is Miriam. If only he can find a way to see her again without getting himself killed, but her father stands in the way.
Miriam is the daughter of the king. Strong-willed and defiant, she feels like a prisoner in her own home and struggles to break free from under her father's oppressive hold. The king's law surrounding Miriam is explicitly clear. No one touches her. Period.
In a fit of rebellion, Miriam has turned to cobalt to find relief and freedom, but now she's a prisoner to addiction as much as to her father's strict control. What's more, she can't get sexy Io, who tended to her so gently as she recovered from her first overdose, off her mind. Will she ever see him again?
When Miriam overdoses a second time, she and Ion are thrust back together, and all bets are off. Seeing each other was the one thing both wanted, and not even the king's laws and threats of punishment will be enough to defuse their rebellious obsession with one another now that they've found each other again, even if the consequences are death.


Donya resides in Indiana, with her husband and a small zoo of cats and dogs. In fact, her writing buddy, Lucky, might become more famous than she is, based on the feedback the ever-present feline receives on her Facebook page.

As a little girl, Donya always had a book in her hand. As she got older, the books became pens and notebooks, which she filled with stories and poetry. For as long as she remembers, she has been writing and dreaming up stories. Seems writing was her destiny.
Donya loves music and often finds inspiration for her stories in the wide range of music she listens to. Nothing like a little Korn to propel the angst in a scene, or Enya to evoke softer and more romantic storylines.
Connect with Donya:
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