Monday, February 4, 2013


Book Name: A Kiss Goodnight

Author's Name: S. Brandon King

Category:  M/F

Main Characters: Victor & ?

Series: A Kiss Goodnight Tales

Release Date: 11/04/12

Heat Level: Brief Flame

BLURB: Who is Victor Durand
Sex and Violence is a way of life for vampires. It's no different for Victor Durand, a five hundred year old bloodsucking relic of Tudor England. Banished for centuries from the court of his master, maker, and ex-lover, Morweena, Victor has been forced to America to survive without the safety or support of a clan. Victor has found himself in love, with a human named Aurelia, and life is good even for the un-dead. But, the past rarely stays buried when you count ages by centuries. When ghosts from memories long ago reappear in Victor's life, he must chose between his past and his future in this erotic tale of blood and revenge.
LT’S REVIEW: Victor is an old fashion Vampire, who doesn’t mind killing while feeding. He finds himself at a crossroads between maybe three women, two of them he hasn’t seen in hundreds of years. Presently finding himself in love with a human,  he fears the closeness because soon she will ask him to change her, which is forbidden and what caused him to be banished from his maker. One night when he was still a new vampire he turned a poor widow woman thinking she would be a gift to his sire. Even knowing he would be punished, he thought himself her favorite and she would spare him, but Victor was wrong. Never knowing what happened to the girl he sired, he was now faced with the same decision and knew he had to ask permission to change the human woman, Aurelia he now loves.  Will his maker Morweena allow it, after she banished him hundreds of years before.
Warning, very, very short story. I would like a little more for my liking but I’m sure more will follow to tease each time but it ended too soon.

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