Monday, February 4, 2013


Book Name: Forsaken Part 2

Author's Name: S. Brandon King

Category: M/F

Main Characters: Victor & Aurelia & ?

Series: A Kiss Goodnight Tales

Release Date: 01/02/13

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Heat Level: Steamy
BLURB:  “Forsaken” the second story in the Vampire Erotica novelette trilogy“Tales of an Immortal's Love Affair” and the follow up to the Amazon Best Seller "A Kiss Goodnight" finds Victor and his lover Aurelia in danger from a vampire hell bent on revenge. Mary, a peasant girl turned vampire by Victor, is out to make Victor pay for what he did to her. She's been held captive for centuries by Morweena and blames Victor for everything. 
Passion, anger, love, and hatred take hold as tensions build in the second installment of Tales An Immortal's Love Affair, “Forsaken”.

LT'S REVIEW:  Victor still finds himself stuck between a triangle of women. Two from his past and the one he wanted for his future. Morweena, who sired Victor hundreds of years ago, banished him when he sired a peasant girl. All these years he believed she was dead, but he always had a pull to go back to his homeland, never knowing what the longing was. His Master shows up and tells him his fledging is still alive and out for revenge. To top that off, Victor has three women who are all (madly insane) in love with him.
Side note. Another very short story. These have to be teasing bits for a whole book soon.

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