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Book Name: Spellfire

Author's Name: Jessica Andersen 

Category:  F/M

Main Characters: Myrinne & Rabbit 

Series: Nightkeepers #8 (final book)

Release Date: 11/06/12


Heat Level: Magical 

BLURB: Imprisoned and tortured by the demoness who tricked him into betraying the Nightkeepers and the woman he loves, Rabbit must endure excruciating pain to protect the diminished Skywatch army as the end-time approaches. Although an ancient prophecy says his unique powers are key to winning the final battle in the doomsday war, he hasn’t just lost his credibility—he’s lost his magic.
Myrinne is far from the woman Rabbit once knew—she’s got magic now, and despite emotional scars, she’s strong enough to help the Nightkeepers. And yet she’s not prepared to handle the fiercely driven man he’s become or the new, dangerous feelings that spark between them.
With the barrier ready to fall and a xombi outbreak in the human world, Rabbit and Myrinne must forge a new partnership amid dangerous instability and the threat of an undead army. In the end, it will be up to Rabbit to master his ferocious magic—or all will be lost. For him, for the woman he doesn’t have the right to love anymore, and for the fate of the world..
LT’S REVIEW: What do you do when you have been raised to defend the world? Thirty years after the king unknowing killed off all their parents, the children are left to save the world, and they learn within a few days of doomsday that the gods they have been praying to may be be the wrong ones. They have only hours to disown them or trust them.  King Jag made the mistake 30 yrs ago while trying to change the future. The Mayans say the world will end on December 21, 2012, but King Jag hoped to save them all those years of worry and stop it sooner with visions he was given from his “gods”.  Sadly it ended with all the magical mages dying except for one and a handful of the their children. Most children were raised in secret by their Winikin. Winikin, were known as a race of people who served the Nightkeepers because they knew they had the world to save. But all that changed when the Winikin came into power themselves and became equal to the Nightkeepers close to the end date.
Rabbit has been a rebel his whole life, his father hates him and doesn’t try to hide it. His father is the last Mage from the massacre 30 years before but he disappeared after the massacre in search of his wife and twin boys going mad with grief. This landed him in a village where he was drugged and used. Later her learned that he was to father the Crossover, who  is a child born of both good and bad, because Rabbit is not one of the few children that survived that night. Knowing his son may be the cause of the end of the world he took him and escaped and kept him alive so the Evil from that village wouldn’t try again to make another. Now armed with the knowledge of being the Crossover and why his father hated him his whole life, Rabbit has to prove himself to his fellow Nightkeepers after years of  misbehaving and using untrustworthy magic. Rabbit has to learn to control both powers without it controlling him AGAIN, which happened 3 months before the end date. So desperate for the love his father never gave him, he went in search of his mother only to find a demoness pretending to be his mother and tricking him into not only betraying  the Nightkeepers but the woman he claimed to love.  She also sent him to a hell to be tortured.
Myrinne's life has always been about Rabbit, feeling she owed him after he saved her from an adoptive mother who was an evil witch. But 3 months ago when the man she loved put a knife to her throat and then sacrificed himself to save her life, things changed. She hasn’t been the same and now she's stronger with Rabbit's magic in her body. Is she strong enough to handle when he comes to her trying to claim her and some of “his” magic back to save the world?

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