Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Book Name: The Charmed Fates

Author's Name: Christine Wenrick 

Category: M/F 

Main Characters: Olivia & Caleb 

Series: The Charmed Trilogy

Release Date:  02/18/13 


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Book Description:  You think you know him better than I do? Interesting .. . and so boringly human.”
Over a year has passed since Olivia Ann Greyson discovered that she is a Charmer, a Dhampir fated to be part of the violent supernatural world that surrounds our human one. In that time, she has strengthened herself physically, learned of her family’s secret past, and found a deep and abiding love with the strongest man she has ever met, Daywalker  Caleb Wolfe. But Olivia’s biggest challenge still lies ahead of her ..
Dark vampire lord Luther Davin has been obsessed with capturing Olivia so he can use her special gifts for his own reasons. As Caleb and Olivia try to make a new life together with their coven, the Nightwalker’s attempts to capture her only intensify and inadvertently bring an unwelcome visitor from Caleb’s past barging back into his life. 
She is Caelestis—Celeste to the modern world—and she claims to be Caleb’s first and rightful mate. Although Olivia has grown confident and secure in her relationship with Caleb, she soon realizes that Celeste sees herself as no less than a Goddess among mere mortals and will stop at nothing to get Caleb back—which means Olivia herself must die!
When these two threats collide and fate steps into pull Olivia away from her new family, will she be ready for her darkest hour and her greatest battle?

WENDY’S REVIEW: Mated and happy, Olivia and Caleb are trying to get on with their lives, even though the evil vampire, Davin is still out to kidnap her.  Olivia is the Charmer, a dhampir who can cause pain and so much more to vampires with just a touch. Davin wants Olivia for his own sick war that he wants to start with the Lycans, and he will do whatever it takes to make her his. With her Charmer gift she pulls all vampires and dhampirs to her. They all feel the overwhelming pull toward her and it even overrides their need to feed.  Caleb, a human turned vampire, who is now mated to Olivia will also do anything to keep Olivia safe.  When Celeste, a six hundred year old vampire, who believes she is Caleb's true and only mate, comes back into his life she turns everything upside down.  Telling Caleb and his coven that she wants to destroy Davin just as much as they do, she convinces them to all work together. 
Not everyone is honest in the agreement they all made and that puts Olivia in even more danger. With enemies too close, Olivia makes her move but does it turn out to be the smartest move?? 

My Personal Thoughts: Ever have a book turn you inside out?? LOL well, I've had a few and this one was one of them.  Sitting there so engrossed in your book that life is just passing you by and then BAM...the bottom falls out in the book or you read something that makes your stomach drop, yep it happens in this exciting third installment of The Charmed Series. I laughed, I cried, I cringed when my stomach dropped, and I also could not put this book down. Christine's writing just got better and better with each chapter and I loved this book.  It's my favorite out of the three. We also get a taste of her spin-off series, The Men of Brahm Hill, and oh lordy, it starts with that yummy, sexy as hell shifter, Kane. I am looking forward to that series!

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