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Book Name:  Wolf With Benefits

Author's Name: Shelly Laurenston  

Category: M/F

Main Characters: Ricky Lee & Toni  

Series: Pride Series

Release Date:  03/26/13 

Author's Website:

BLURB: Ricky Lee has no plans of getting serious about anyone, but he will protect Toni Jean-Louis Parker. Not just because he's been hired to do so, but because it's the right thing to do. And if that means travelling around the country with one complicated She-jackal, dealing with chocolate-eating wild dogs, instigating trouble between his brothers, and having the most amazing sex he's ever had...well, who said his job didn't have perks? Toni doesn't know how she keeps getting herself into these situations. But even she has to admit there's something about Ricky Lee Reed that she finds kind of interesting...and downright sexy. Now they just have to survive long enough to figure out if what they have is worth fighting for...

WENDY’S REVIEW: Love this series, Love this author and Loved this book. I don't think I have ever laughed so hard at a series, like I do with this one. I really liked Ricky Lee but the bearshifters in this series are still my favorites. I do need to mention one little itty-bitty problem I had with this book, I felt it was more Toni's story than Ricky Lee's story. Now don't get me wrong I still enjoyed this book, the way Ricky Lee says "Darlin'" is just sexy as hell.
Toni, a jackal wereshifter, manages everything for her family, from schedules for all the prodigy brothers and sisters classes to all the family travel plans. Having all those prodigies in her family makes Toni, the oldest daughter, wonder what is so special about her. When her mother decides to move the family from Washington DC to New York, Toni's life only gets busier. Taking one of her younger brothers to the hockey rink to meet his favorite skater, she meets Ricky Lee Reed, a wolf wereshifter. Ricky Lee is smitten with Toni right from the beginning but she can't give him a second thought. Things change in Toni's life and instead of managing her families busy schedules, she finds herself working and handling the schedules and so much more for the shifter hockey team. When Toni is sent to Russia for negotiations with the bear shifters Ricky Lee goes with her for protection.  Love blooms for the laid back, easy going wolf and the highly stressed, very organized jackal...or does it?
My Rating: 5

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