Sunday, June 1, 2014


Book Name: Unbound- Perfect Mate

Author's Name: Jennifer Ashley

Category: M/F  

Main Characters: 

Series: Shifters Unbound

Release Date: 03/05/13

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BLURB:  Bear Shifter Cormac is determined to take single mom Nell as his mate, despite her objections—until her sons are endangered and she desperately needs help. 
WENDY’S REVIEW: Nell, a bear shifter living in the only shifter town in Nevada, has been in love, she even had a mate but he died years ago. Nell is happy with her life raising her two boys, who are now grown, but still live with her. Eric, the leader of shifter town allows Cormac to move there to potentially mate with Nell. She wants nothing to do with the hot, sexy male bear but he doesn't give up on her. Nell eventually gives in to Cormac only to have their romantic night interrupted when she gets a call from her youngest son telling her that Shane, her other son, is missing. The true meanings of want, need & love are there for Nell when she sees what Cormac is willing to do to save her son. 
My Rating: 4.5 (wish it was a longer story but I still liked it)

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