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Book Name: Rough, Raw, & Ready

Author's Name: Lorelei James

Category: M/F/M

Main Characters: Trevor, Chassie & Edgard 

Series: Rough Riders

Release Date: 11/04/08

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BLURB: Torn between the love he has…and the love he’s always wanted.

Chassie West Glanzer hasn’t been a stranger to drama and tragedy. A year of wedded bliss to sexy-as-sin cowboy Trevor Glanzer has brought her the happiness and contentment she never thought she’d find, and mellowed Trevor’s rodeo wanderlust. Then Trevor’s old roping partner ambles up the driveway—and Chassie’s life changes drastically. 
Trevor never expected to see Edgard Mancuso again, after it became clear he couldn’t be the man Edgard needed. Now Edgard is back from Brazil to sort out their tangled past, and Trevor is plagued with feelings he thought he’d buried over three years ago. Although Trevor is hat-over-bootheels in love with his sweet, feisty wife, the sense his life is missing a piece has always gnawed at him. 
Chassie’s shock that Edgard and Trevor were once lovers turns to fear of losing her husband. Or worse, fear that Trevor will stay with her only out of a sense of duty. Yet as the three of them spend time together, the sins of the past blur and fade, leaving raw emotion—and unbridled passion.  
Passion that could heal…or cause irreparable damage to their future.
Warning: This book contains unbelievably explicit sex, including multiple cowboy/cowgirl/cowboy ménage scenes, juicy, hot, male on male action, a bucketful of politically incorrect situations and true Western ideology

Wendy's Review: Can you love more than one person at a time?  This is the question Trevor asked himself over and over once Edgard walked back into his life. Trevor and Edgard were roping partners on the rodeo circuit for years but they were so much more. Edgard was not out as a gay man because it was not something that was accepted on the circuit. Trevor was a ladies man, usually more than one woman at a time, but when he met Edgard he felt something different for this man. Edgard was the only man Trevor was ever with but he could not give him more than the secret relationship they had in private. When Edgard walked away from Trevor, they both thought their world would fall apart. Trevor went off the deep end with booze and women until he met and fell in love with Chassie. She was everything he wanted in a woman plus she gave him stability in his life that is until Trevor walked up their driveway. Reality hits Chassie when she sees more than she wanted of her husband and his friend out by the barn. Chassie doesn't want to loose Trevor and she knows he is hurting so what does she do, she makes a decision that only makes all of their lives better....she joins them.
My Rating: 4.5

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