Thursday, May 9, 2013


Book title: Undone

Author: Sara Humphreys

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Category: M/F

Series: The Amoveo Legend
Main characters: Marianna and Pete

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Blurb: Party girl Marianna Coltari is an unmated pureblood Amoveo who wants nothing to do with the ongoing war that took her father’s life and continues to consume her brother Dante’s. But when she is targeted by one of the clans, she has little choice but to run and hide in a cabin with Pete Castro, a retired cop from her brother’s security firm. There, Pete and Marianna explore an intensifying attraction between them until danger is at the door and there’s no escape.

Shonna's review: The Amoveo race becomes ripped apart as several from the species find true mates that are half Amoveo, half human. Taking a stand as Purists, many of the race believe this is degrading and wrong to dilute the blood of their kind and are now devoted to put a stop from any half breed mating. Unable to persuade Marianna Coltari to join in their cause, the Purists are now willing to force her into their clutches and use her for their needs. Fearing for her safety, Marianna’s twin hires Pete Castro, a former cop, to watch over her and keep her from harm. Thought only to be human, a new discovery unfolds to change his destiny and the future of Marianna as his heart and soul is willing to do anything to protect the one he loves. 
Since reading the first story of  THE AMOVEO LEGEND series, I have willingly  been obsessed with this fantastic world created by the very talented Sara Humphreys. Each time I (reluctantly) finish the last page of one of these books, I proclaim that “this one” is my favorite in the series because with each one it just gets better and better. To top it off, this world is now opening new doors to expand its dimensions with new characters and different origins that enhance the Amoveo world with excitement and (no doubt) many awesome adventures yet to come. While I highly recommend that you get your hands on a copy of UNDONE today, if you haven’t read the previous installments, I also strongly suggest that you start at the beginning of this series and work your way through. Why? I don’t want you to miss out on a wonderful series that you will enjoy and relish from beginning to present. Once you start, it won’t take you long to catch-up because you won’t be able to put them down. 
My rating: 5 


  1. Hey Shonna!!!

    Isn't this a fantastic series? I am totally loving it!!
    Great review!!

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  2. Hey Shonna-_Thank you so much for this wonderful review. I'm SO glad you enjoyed it and it was great seeing you at RT. xx

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  3. Great review...I love this series too...

    1. Hi Cindy!!! I appreciate it, thank you for your support