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1. Good to have you Cerece, first we want you to tell our followers about yourself.
Hello out there!  My name is Cerece Rennie Murphy and I am the author of the sci-fi trilogy, Order of the Seers. I’m a part-time writer and a full-time wife and mother to 2 wonderful and rambunctious kids. 

2. Tell us about THE RED ORDER. 

Ok, but I’m going to have to start with Order of the Seers first.  Order of the Seers is about a group of people who can see the future and are enslaved for that ability.  The first book follows the journey of the Seers as they try to escape the organization that exploits them, regain their power and ultimately fight back.  The second book, The Red Order, picks up right where the first book leaves off.  Without giving too much away, I will just say that in The Red Order, the Seers’ mission shifts from merely trying to survive to a fuller understanding of their powers and how their abilities can be used to free the world from the tyranny of the Guild.  In both books, there is lots of action and suspense.  There’s even some romance, as well. :)

3. We also want to hear about your children’s book series?
Thanks so much for asking.  I am really excited about this project.  There will be 5 books in the series, titled Enchanted: 5 Tales of Magic in the Everyday.  The series was really inspired by my son, who was 3 years old at the time.  The year our second child was born, we had a lot of transition.  We moved into a new house about 1 month before our daughter was born.  My son loved the house, but between the new house and the new baby (whom he adores), even good change can be tough on a little guy.  So he was acting out a lot. One morning, he had 2 time-outs and it wasn’t even 10 am.  As I was standing in the kitchen waiting him out and feeling very stressed, I thought to myself, “Come on Cerece, there must be something funny about this situation.  If this was a fantasy novel what would happen?” Almost immediately, I thought of my son’s temper as a dragon terrorizing our home and my son became The Dragon Slayer, because ultimately he is the one who must learn self-control and in doing so, he slays the dragon.  He becomes his own hero.   I began thinking about how sometimes the demands of parenting can really take your focus off the joy and magic that is happening around you.  With the Enchanted Series, I hope to put some of the challenges and moments we experience as parents into a context that brings that magic of childhood and parenting back to the forefront. 

4. And, the book on understanding marriage/relationship advice for single women entitled More than the Ring, Tell us about this too.
Again, thank you so much for asking about More than the Ring! I began writing this book shortly before I got married, mostly because I was sick of all the wedding hype and hoopla that I felt was deliberately designed to override the common sense of women (like why would you spend the most money you will ever spend on a garment for a dress you know for a fact you will only wear once.) and distract couples from the real work of building a marriage that will last.  So many older women tried to give me good advice, but to my single-mind, most of what they said seemed like clichéd gibberish.  After seven years of marriage, I understand a lot of what they were trying to tell me, but I am still new enough in my marriage to remember vividly why their advice didn’t make any sense to me.  With More than the Ring, I hope to fill in that gap.  More than the Ring will not be a “how to have a happy marriage” book.  I am married and I am happy, but I don’t think 7 years of marriage qualifies me to give any kind of advice on that.  Maybe in 20 years…  But I think I understand enough now to speak on some things that single woman should give *serious* consideration to when assessing a partner and considering whether or not marriage is something they really want to do. 

5. Would you mind giving us a sample of some of your poetry?
Of course!  The first one, titled The Price, is a poem I wrote in2009 after reading my first dominant/submissive story (long before 50 Shades).  I had never heard of those types of relationships before and it just got me thinking about the psychology behind them.  The story inspired me to write my first poem in over a decade.  I have been writing ever since J The second poem, titled See Me Now (for Alicia), is about a young woman I met in my professional life as a fundraiser for a small non-profit.  She was about to go to college, the first in her family.  But she also had a beautiful son to care for.  It was our job to help her find the support she would need to stay in school.  Her determination to build a better life for her son brings tears to my eyes every time I think of her.
The Price
(Inspired By The Dominant and The Submissive by Tara Sue Me)
The taste of blood in my mouth,
doubt pooling in sweat clinging
dripping, escaping
the body you control.
Tremors of
betray me.
My mind focused on a point that burns
inside my soul,
between my thighs.
And you above me
wield my surrender, my sorrow, my pain, my freedom
with care, without mercy – knowing.
How much farther must I go to find the part of me that trusts you purely?
Will I break when you stretch me limb from limb or will I expand
beyond my own understanding of me?
When I'm blinded, will I finally see?
In the silence before the crack, will I hear your thoughts as clearly as my own?
Trust Me. Trust Me. Trust Me.
The hope bends my knees in supplication,
as you peel back my skin to soothe my soul.

See Me Now (for Alicia)

The places I have been
The shadows I have walked through
Bend my back
And stretch my faith
So when I emerge I am
More of Me

The little one at my feet
Looks up to see the strength on my face
And finds my resolve
I will not fail him
I will not falter

Little feet match my high-heeled boot prints
Walking down a path we’ve both never been
When he is tired, I carry him sideways and
Tickle him silly
So we both forget
The sound of broken dreams crunching under our feet
We are the first of my kin to travel this road

Let nothing take me from my path
Let the obstacles before me shatter against the force of my conviction
A guiding light is with me always
Urging me on
Telling me I can

It comes from within
Where I am bathed and renewed
In Hope
In Me
My Future
My Calling
My Life

See Me Now

6. As a part-time writer, do you devote to a schedule for your writing time or hit the keyboard whenever you can get a few minutes?
When I am writing, I try to write every day, whenever I can.  Although I don’t have a set-time, I have noticed that I seem to be able to focus more in the afternoon.  So on days when I plan to write, I try to get any errands or non-writing stuff done in the morning, so I can leave my afternoons free to write. 

7. Do you have any secret projects planned for the future that you could share (we promise not to tell, hehee)?
Hhhmmm. My only secret is that I am *trying* to take a couple months off before I start writing the final book for Order of the Seers.  I don’t know how successful I will be, but I can feel that my brain needs a break to make room for the story.  And what will I be doing with all that time?  Reading!  Now that I am a writer, I love reading stories I didn’t have to come up with!  It feels like I’m getting away with something. :)

8. Do you have a favorite moment with a fan or email from a fan that sticks out in your mind?
Yeah.  I have two.  The first one happened 2 weeks ago.  I was just at Wizard Con in Philly and a man I met at NY Comic Con who had bought my book last year came by my booth.  I remembered him and he told me how much he loved my book.  I got to meet his wife who said that she read the book and loved it, too.  We talked for about 15 minutes.  His wife said that they had thoughtful conversations after reading the book and that she actually dreamt about it.  I know what it means to love a book so much you dream about it.  The experience was surreal, wonderful and deeply humbling at the same time.  We even took pictures together.  Plus, her husband loves sugar almost as much as I do.  That experience will stay with me forever.  They made the whole convention for me.  A very close second to that experience, is when I got an email from a father shortly after NY was hit with Hurricane Sandy.  He told me that he and his son read Order of the Seers by flashlight and that it helped distract them from the difficulty they were going through.  I still have that email.  I will never delete it.   

9. Tell us three things about Cerece that you would like your fans to know.
First of all, if you are a fan of Order of the Seers, thank you so much. I truly appreciate your investment in my work.
Second: The 3rd book in the series is coming.  I already have the story outline, so don’t worry.  I will try my best to make it worth the wait.
Third: I love real contact.  I am not a technology person by nature, so if you are ever near one of the conventions that I am attending or if I am going someplace that is close to your book club, please let me know.  I would love to have the chance to meet you and chat in person. But beware, I’m a hugger :)

10. To learn more about you and your work, could you give us some links where you can be found?

Sure.  My website is  Website   Blog / Twitter 
But the first place to check for book updates is the Order of the Seers  Facebook page. 
You can also email me at I’d love to hear from you. 


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  1. Thanks for having me! I really enjoyed doing this interview ;-)

  2. You appear to be a very multi talented writer and I look forward to reading and telling others about your work