Thursday, June 13, 2013

DONOR by Ambrielle Kirk

Book Name:  Donor 

Author:  Ambrielle Kirk

 Series:   Dresdan Coven #1

Release Date: 04/28/13

Main Characters:  Elaina & Vicq 

Category: F/M 


 Heat Level:  Smoking

Blurb: Elaina was once a tracker of Dresdan, an ancient species of vampire. For years, she served District 5, whose prime agenda is to create a new race of humans. As a result of misguided politics and greed, the District becomes corrupted from the inside out. Before Elaina can expose the truth, District 5 discovers that her blood type contains the elements to create a successful hybrid. She becomes the hunted, but protection is found while in the presence of one vampire…
Vicq won’t rest until he destroys District 5 and their immoral experiments are halted. Too many Dresdan have been captured and exterminated, threatening their existence and painting them all as animals. As he plans his attack against District 5, master vampire Russo orders his death for violating a prime law of Dresdan. But Vicq is not ready to cease existing…especially since he’s found salvation with Elaina.
With very few on their side, Elaina and Vicq must cultivate a plan to ward off their enemies. In the process, they find lust, love, and new meaning to their special bond.

LT's REVIEW:  Elaina is on the run from her old job at District 5. She was a tracker of Dresdan, which are vampires. But when she chooses love over her job and gives into the very Dresdan she was tracking, her life is turned upside down. She soon learns she is different from most humans who come in contact with Dresdan blood. Instead of turning she becomes a hybrid, and can live with both human and Vampire blood without changing. When the District 5 finds out, they want to do experiments on her so they can make their own hybrids.
 Vicq has lost Elaina once and swears it will never happen again. After falling in love with her and learning about her blood, they go on the run. But Vicq had enemies of his own when he broke off from his second master’s rule. They catch up with Vicq and he allows himself to be taken so Elaina can escape. Vicq himself gets away from the death sentence that awaited him at his old master’s hand. Returning to Elaina, he learns she has a new ID and is now hiding herself very well.  Vicq decides that it is safer for her if he stays out of her life and to protect her only from afar. This works until months later they find her and he is forced to show her he is very much alive. Will Elaina be able to trust Vicq again after believing him dead?

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