Monday, June 3, 2013


Book Name: Hunger Moon

Author: Melissa Snark

Series: Norse Werewolves Series #2

Release Date: 04/25/13

Main Characters: Victoria (Victory) & Arik

Category: F/M

Heat Level: In heat

Blurb: Valkyrie Victoria Storm desires nothing more than to provide her wolf pack with a safe haven, but her position as priestess to the Goddess Freya also brings with it certain… obligations. Not to mention complications.
War with the Barrett family resulted in the deaths of her parents and most of her pack. Now, hunters are hot on the trail of the remaining pack members. Sawyer Barrett, a human hunter hell bent on revenge, is convinced that Victoria murdered his brother. He will stop at nothing to see her dead.
Victoria must defend the survivors and somehow lead them to safety. Months on the run has weakened the pack, and there are newborn pups to protect, making swift travel impossible. Ahead, the promise of refuge beckons.
Their best chance for survival lies in Sierra Pines, California: Arik Koenig, a powerful, dominant male wolf. He promises to protect and provide for the pack, something Victoria knows the pack needs for survival. His mysterious past is riddled with violence and death, including the slaughter of his entire family twenty years before. His wife died under mysterious circumstances and his son, Logan, is rumored to be her killer.
What is truth? Who can she trust? The desperate spirit of Arik’s murdered wife calls out for help, and Logan begs for assistance in clearing his name. Victoria must solve a murder that has pitted father against son, rooted in a mystery reaching back two decades. Her quest starts her on a journey from the human world to Odin’s Valhalla and back again.
Victoria will find salvation or face destruction beneath the Hunger Moon….

LT'S REVIEW: What happens when you fall in love with the wrong guy? Not much when you’re human. But when you’re a shapecharger and you fall for a human who’s a hunter, and he dies? His family hunts and kills most of your family and pack. Now you’re the new alpha and your pack is starving and on the run. You make the decision it’s time to find a mate to help protect your pack. Doesn’t hurt if you’re a bitch in heat either.  Victoria has lost so much and she fears she will lose more, so when her Goddess points her in the direction of a single powerful alpha wolf male, she takes her pack in search of him. Little did she know he would have a 20 yr old son who may want her as his mate also?
Arik has been dealing with the murder of his wife for years, even knowing who her murderer was, his own son Logan. Logan has no memory of the killing and is tormented with believing he killed his mother. In the wolf pack they would have demanded the death of Logan, but Arik also lost his pack to a brutal murdering witch. Who is still controlling his life even after he thought he killed her.
Can Victoria find her mate and help with the mystery of who killed Ariks wife after she appears,  asking for help to save her son?
(Side note there was a lot of death in this book, sort of threw me a little)

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