Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Book Name: Illicit Love

Author: Jane Lark

Series: Marlow Intrigues

Release Date: 05/02/13

Main Characters: Ellen & Edward

Category: F/M

Author's Website: http://janelark.co.uk/

Heat Level: heart & body warming

Blurb: Trapped under the reign of a cruel keeper, Ellen Harding longs to be free. Under his oppression, her soul and conscience have died while her body lives on, fulfilling his dissolute desires. She is empty––a vessel––deaf to the voice of morality and blind to shame. 

When her eyes are drawn to a beautiful man for no other reason than his looks, she imagines what it would be like to escape her chains for a night by giving her body to him. 
But Edward Marlow is kind and gentle when he touches her, and her subconscious whispers, this man could be her salvation. Yet how can he help her when she has secrets which prevent her freedom? 
Edward is restless, lonely, and a little angry with his lot in life—it is his only excuse for being drawn to another man’s mistress. The woman’s dark hair and pale eyes are striking, and he cannot take his gaze off her while she watches him over the top of a fan with an illicit intent in her eyes. Once he’s known her, he cannot forget her, and once he’s seen the evidence of her supposed benefactor’s brutality, he wants to help her. But how can he when she will not run any more than she will speak of her past? 
When a desperate Ellen finally relents and shocks Edward from his sleep, he doesn’t hesitate, he helps her flee .He just doesn’t know he’s running headlong into the secrets of her past.

Review Completed by LT                                                                                                  
Rating: 4.5 Stars
I’m not the biggest fan of historical romances, I am about 99% paranormal reader, 1% everything else combined reader. But there’s one thing I love.. It’s LOVE, and this story touched my heart. It was well written. 

Ellen is a mistress and is pretty much owned by a man she hates. Her body is used and traded whenever Lord Gainsborough feels the need. After being caught cheating in a card game he gives Ellen to Edward to save face. Edward has never paid for sex. But this woman had drawn him since he first laid his eyes on her standing behind Lord Gainsborough. Edward is surprised when Ellen warns him of her masters cheating with her eyes. Ellen has only wanted two men sexually in her life, one being her first love, now long gone, and now this stranger sitting across the card table. But she is damaged goods after she was forced to sale herself to her now master. Ellen dreams of being saved from this life. But is Edward the one to save her?

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  1. Thanks for reviewing Illicit Love, I'm thrilled you loved it so much, and I love your review.

    It's really touching when people really enjoy it.

    Best wishes,