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Book Name: In Too Deep

Author's Name: Brandy L. Rivers

Category: M/F

Main Characters: Brody & Fallon 

Series: Others of Edenton #1

Release Date: 04/15/13   

Author's Website: 

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BLURB: Fallon is a brilliant tattoo artist with inherent magic. Tired of men and their games, she climbs onto her Harley and leaves her old life behind.
Brody is a talented motorcycle mechanic and werewolf stuck in his painful past. It’s just another depressing night until he’s attacked by vampires. Thinking he killed them, he runs into the night and crashes into Fallon.
Unwilling to walk away from anyone in need, she heals Brody and then takes out the vampires who aren’t as dead as he thought. Her past collides with the present, and she finds herself stranded in Edenton, Washington where an old friend lives. With no ride and no real plan, she winds up staying in Brody’s empty apartment.
Feeling alive for the first time in years, Brody is determined to claim Fallon’s heart and keep her safe from the shadows in her past. However, she prides herself on her independence and would rather keep him safe, even from herself.
With the impending danger from the group of vampires and dark mages, they will have to work together. The closer they get, the harder it is for her to fight her attraction.
Be prepared for monsters, magic and lots of ink.

Review Completed by: Wendy
My Rating: 4
I enjoyed this book, the author pulls you right into the world of the supernatural creatures from the very beginning but I do have one suggestion to all future readers- Go to the end of the book and read the glossary of terms & characters so you are knowledgeable of them all. 
We meet Fallon when she is tearing through the night on her Harley, running from a cheating ex-boyfriend when she crashes into Brody, who is running from vampires, on a dark deserted road. Fallon is human, well not completely human, she is a Druid and with that comes magic. She has more magic than she realizes and it is put to the test numerous times throughout this great story. Brody is a werewolf, a young werewolf but still the second in his pack and one of the strongest. Crashing into Fallon's Harley did not help Brody's wounds that he received from fighting the evil vampires, but with her magic she protects and heals him. Fallon's best friend, Jess, lives in the same town as Brody and knew through visions that Fallon was on her way but she did not get there quickly enough to help either from the wreck or vampires. With the help of family and friends, Fallon opens her shredded heart to what true love can really be and Brody comes back to the world around him after the death of his wife with the love that Fallon has to give him. 
Side Note: This story has the potential to be a favorite of mine but I could not get past a few small things, editing mistakes/typos- these were not so bad but there were enough of them to catch my eye, but the main thing that bothered me was the repeating of the saying, "rolled her eyes" or "rolled his eyes".  Now the question is, will I read the next book? Hell yeah because I really did enjoy the story line and the characters but I hope they don't roll their eyes as much.

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