Monday, June 10, 2013


Book Name: One Day In Apple Grove

Author's Name: C. H. Admirand

Category: M/F

Main Characters: Jack & Caitlin

Series: Small Town USA #2

Release Date:  06/04/13

Author's Website:

Blurb: Caitlin Mulcahy loves her family. She really does. But sometimes they can drive her to her last shred of sanity—from her dad (“I’m not meddling, I just want what’s best for you”) to her eight-months-pregnant older sister to her younger sister, who will do just about anything to avoid real work. Cait just needs to get away, even if for only an hour.  When she sees someone in need of help on the side of the road, of course she’s going to pull over. She might even be able to fix his engine—after all, the Mulcahy family is a handy bunch.  She’s not expecting that former Navy Medic, Dr. Jack Gannon, and a little black puppy named Jameson will be the ones who end up rescuing her…

Wendy's Review: 
My Rating: 4.5
Let me start by saying this series is not for everyone, I mean some people don't like Happily Ever Afters, they don't like to see real life situations in books, they also don't like fun and heartwarming stories so to those people I say.. go back to your gloom and doom and leave the real life, sweet, down home stories to those of us that like them. Don't get me wrong, I love all the Urban Fantasy, Paranormal & even Erotic books but sometimes I want a story that can bring me back to a place close to home.  I'm from a small town, maybe not as small as Apple Grove, but small enough. This romance book is real life, so close to real life that it could be any of us.

Caitlin is the middle sister out of three girls. She loves her family and loves her job so when her older sister is pregnant again, she takes over the full time handy-woman duties of their company.  In Apple Grove, everyone knows everyone and they also know everyone's business by the end of the day. That's how small towns are, through all the gossip and nosy neighbors you still know they all have your back when you need them.  Caitlin is on her way to a job when she sees Dr. Gannon's car, the "new" young doctor, who is back from his time serving our country. She thinks he might be hurt so she pulls over to help him when she sees him running after a little black ball of fur. Together they manage to catch the puppy and that's where the relationship sparks start to ignite. Both have pasts they are dealing with but when you have a reason to make your future better you take it, even if the way you come together is through a cute little puppy. Friendship turns to so much more, more than either were even looking for, but with the help of friends and family it turns out to be the best thing for both of them.  

Romance, love, laughter, friendship and family... you get it all in this second book.  If you want sweet love, then this is the series for you.  There are happy people out there that love small towns, country music and sweet love stories. 

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