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We want to share with you the exciting new book by Dana Burnett called ONCE. The first in the GYPSY FAIRY TALE SERIES, it is a fantastic read that promises to capture your loyalty to follow on with coming installments in the future. So come on by and hear about what Dana and two of her main characters have to say. Oh yes,..and don't forget to enter the giveaway for an Ebook!!

Today we are so glad to be able to have author Dana Burnett here for a little Q&A. An added bonus is that she was able to get Harmony and Kieran to agree to come along for a few quick questions.
Thanks so much for coming everyone!!!!!!
Beautiful.  Secretive. Magical.  You envy their freedom, but you are distrustful of their ways.  A strange carnival has come to Corydon, Indiana and the Irish Travellers have captured the small town's attention--but it's Harmony who's attracted theirs.
Harmony sees the Travellers everywhere and just like everyone else in town she's curious.  But once she meets the mysterious and captivating Kieran, Harmony's life takes an exciting and chilling turn.
Up until now, Harmony never believed that fairytales or myths were real, but Kieran and his family belong to an ancient tribe called the Tuatha de Dannan and someone else has discovered their secret.
An ancient battle is about to begin again, and now no one is safe, especially Harmony.  Can Kieran resist the urge to be with her or will his feelings put her in the crossfire?

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1. Dana, when did Kieran and Harmony first come to you and share their story with you?It was about a year ago and of course now things have become even more complicated, but what do you expect when you throw together a member of an ancient tribe of near immortal creatures and a human? 

2. Do you basically lead the events as they unfold between Kieran and Harmony, or is it the other way around?
I tend to let the characters lead the story.  There were times I had to give Kieran and Harmony a little push, but for the most part, they were in control the entire time.

3. Do you find that the information you need from your characters is given easily or do you feel that they hold back sometimes and only tell you, “on a need to know basis only”?
Kieran should be feeling very ashamed at that question!  Harmony is so easy to work with, but sometimes with Kieran he just doesn't seem to want to talk.
4. Harmony, so glad to see you, last we heard, you were just getting over a gunshot, how are you feeling?
I'm feeling better, but it still seems strange that I was actually shot.  I mean, who expects to get shot?
5. How are things going at the feed store with all the town gossipers, and Alec, can you tell me if he is still around?
Things are going good at the store, but Corydon is a small town, so there will always be some sort of gossip.  As far as Alec, well, he's still around, but things are very different now.

6. Do you feel like you are getting a better grip on everything that you are being faced with, or is their still so much to deal with, it is a bit mindboggling?
 At this point Harmony briefly closes her eyes as if giving her answer some thought before she speaks. Kieran gently places his hand on top of hers as he caresses her fingers with a reassuring squeeze. All the time never taking his eyes off of her face.
Try to imagine everything that you have ever known, everything that you thought was true, and finding out that all of it was a lie.  I always believed that you were born, you grew up, fell in love, and grew old together.  That was just the way things went, and now everything is different.

7. Kieran, again so glad you could come today, (at this point I’m not sure he is listening to me because his eyes are still fixed on Harmony, watching her very closely. I clear my throat and continue on with my question) let’s start with your background, can you give us a little more information about the Tuatha De Danann of Ireland?We were the original rulers of Ireland, known for being peaceful and appreciating beautiful things including the humans in our land.  We all have special powers, but they have weakened over the centuries after our bloodlines have crossed so many times over with human bloodlines.  It's hard to say how many of us remain after we were defeated by the Mileans.  My own ancestors went into hiding after the battle.  If it wasn't for the Irish Travellers taking us in and keeping our secret, none of my family would have survived.

8. How did your kind become known as dei terreni?
We were given that name by the humans.  Actually, we are believed to be the root of the fairy myths in Ireland. 

9. Kieran, what can you tell us about the story that Alec’s uncle told Harmony about your ancestors and the kidnapping of the sons and daughters from the villages?
We never kidnapped anyone, it's not in our nature.  Living as close to humans as we always have, from time to time one of us would fall in love with a human.  If that human loved us as well, they would be given the choice to come live among us.  There was always a choice.

10. One last question Kieran, with your letter to Harmony, it was pretty clear that it was just a matter of time. Time to you could be different than it would be to Harmony. How much time do you think it will be, before you return?
Every minute without her seems an eternity, but when the time is right, I will return.  I won't know when that will be until it is here.

11. Dana, I know you’re on a tight schedule and you have to get Harmony and Kieran back, so before you head back can you tell us about future reads in this new, (and very exciting) GYPSY FAIRY TALE series?
Well, I guess my biggest hint to the future is that sometimes a girl just has to go after what she wants.  I'm just not so sure if
Harmony really understands how far she will have to go.

Dana Michelle Burnett spent most of her life writing short stories and sharing them with family and friends. Over the years, her work was published in numerous commercial and literary magazines  including Just Labs, Mindprints: A Literary Journal, Foliate Oak, and many more.  Her short story John Lennon and the Chicken Holocaust was include in The Best of Foliate Oak 2006.
Dana Michelle's Spiritus Series introduced the idea of a ghostly romance and became a Kindle bestselling series.  She's an avid reader of anything dark and romantic.  Dana Michelle lives in Southern Indiana with her dancing diva daughter and an assortment of pets.
Dana Michelle loves connecting with her readers. 

You can find her at:     Her Website   Facebook   Twitter   Goodreads     Pinterest


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