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Celia Kyle's ALPHA MARKED: GABRIELLA Book BLast Tour

Book Name:  Alpha Marked: Gabriella

Author's Name: Celia Kyle

Category: M/F/M

Main Characters: Berke, Gabriella & Jack

Series: Alpha Marked #2

Release Date:  06/23/13

Author's Website:

BLURB:  Thirty and single? Getcha ass to the Gathering!
Ugh. Gabriella Wickham thought turning thirty was bad enough, but now she’s been invited (ordered) to attend this year’s Gathering (werewolf speed dating).  Having a Mark on her arm means that she’s one of the few human women destined to mate with not one, but two Alpha werewolves.  Thank goodness werewolves don’t come in “ugly.”  After her sister Scarlet mates the Ruling Alphas, things really start to get interesting.  Gabby runs into not one, but two, hotter than hot werewolves who make her tingle in all the right places.  Yum.  Of course, “yum” comes with baggage of both the mental and female kind.  Lovely.  Luckily it’s nothing a few punches and a good talking to can’t cure.  Maybe…-ish.
Berke Davis knows that lush, curvaceous Gabriella is his mate.  Who cares that he’s currently not part of an Alpha pair.  Details, details.  He’s been half bound to his best friend Jack since they were four but the past keeps them from solidifying their pairing and taking up the mantle of Alpha.  Berke understands his friend’s feelings, but Jack is about to get a lesson on living, and loving.  He just hopes the lessons are learned before they both lose Gabriella. Because Challenges to first blood can sometimes have very permanent, and deadly, consequences… for Gabriella.

Review by Wendy
My Rating: 4.5
Starting this book I did not realize it was book 2 of the series, it honestly didn't matter because the book sucked me right in and explained enough about the sisters and their mates that I could not tell I was on book 2 (I actually bought book 1 and read it when I finished this book). Gabby is such an awesome female lead, she has spunk and stands up for what she believes in. Knowing she is at the Gathering, which is like Speed Dating for humans & wolves, to find her mates doesn't make the males literally sniffing her any easier. Marked humans are exactly what is sounds like, a human born with a mark on her body. The mark means she is a compatible mate for Alpha Males. Yes, plural as in two males. There are two Alpha Males that lead each pack and both are dominate males that work together but are not together sexually (unless they choose to be). They mate with a Marked female that calms them down so they can lead the pack efficiently. Berke knows he is an Alpha male but likes his position as Captain of the Guards for the Ruling Alphas. His second in charge is his best friend Jack, who he bonded with when they were just small boys. Jack has been denying the bond for years until he meets Gabby for the first time. Even after his wolf is screaming at him that she is his mate, Jack still continues to deny her. The pain his denial causes everyone puts their lives and future in danger. 
I loved the humor in this book and I am looking forward to book three.

Celia Kyle is a paranormal erotic romance author and would like to rule the world and become a ninja. As a fallback, she’s working on her writing career and giving readers stories that touch their hearts and *ahem* other places.

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