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Book Name: Claiming Destiny

AuthorCorinne Davies

Series: Midnighter Seductions

Release Date: 03/25/13

Main Characters: Rock, Destiny & Jag

Category: M/F/M

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Heat Level: Orgasmic

Blurb: An ancient portal quietly reopened the day the Mayan calendar ended, but it wasn't the "big bang" ending of the world as predicted. It did, however, change everything for Destiny Harriston. Stranded on a desolate stretch of New Mexico highway, Destiny doesn’t know she’s just become prey for two very different hunters. One wants her life. The other wants her for life. Rock and Jag entered our world expecting to find the women their legends spoke of, but all they found was an old man babbling on about stories of Chupacabras and Midnighters. When Destiny crosses their path and is critically hurt, they’ll be forced to face an ancient enemy who has lurked in the shadows for more than a millennium. Capturing their woman was the only way to keep her safe, but now two worlds are threatened and they have to choose between their love for her and protecting everything they’ve ever known.

Review by LT
My Rating: 5
Destiny finds herself with a broken down car in the middle of the desert, fearing  everything from snakes to the Texas Chainsaw killer, Leatherface himself. She starts walking, hoping to find a gas station. But as night falls she is confronted by two huge men. One she knees between his legs dropping him, the other is blinded by her pepper spray, as she tries to escape. Never did Rock and Jag think claiming their woman would be this hard, when they cross over the portal from their world Lu’um to earth. Jag and Rock’s people were the Mayans who disappeared with the end of the world calendar. The date picked, 12/21/12, was really a date for them to be able to cross back from to our world. They knew Destiny was their Atan, but the people that were left in this world to train the human women to be prepared for their Lu’um men, were long gone. Not only did Rock and Jag have to convince Destiny that she was to be their shared wife, they also had to save her from their enemies seeking to kill every Atan to destroy the Midnighters.
This is a major first for me. I’m not a big M/F/M reader. Because I love M/F  LOVE stories so much. And it’s hard for me to see a threesome having a HEA. But this book was extremely  good, I felt the love. The Sex was hot. But the loving was sweet. I look forward to the next books.

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  1. My first sharing book and I loved it.. full of love