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Book Name: Legacy of Blood 

Author: J. L. McCoy

Series: #4 in Skye Morrison

Release Date: 02/16/13

Main Characters: Skye & Archer, Amun?

Category: F/M

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Heat Level: Smoldering 

Blurb: Skye Morrison begged for death. Fortunately, someone didn't listen. Skye awakens to discover she has been irrevocably changed and the unprecedented circumstances of her rebirth have now created a new threat to her very existence. Sired by both the monster Amun and the vampire Archer Rhys, Skye must prove to the army of An Dilis (The Faithful) whose essence is most dominant within her and that she is not a danger to them or society. The Faithful soon discover that she is unlike any vampire ever created before as she struggles to adjust to her new life and the changes that come with it.
Her recent brush with death has made Skye realize that life is precious and she wastes no time telling the one she loves how she feels about him.
But, Amun finds out that someone interfered with Skye's transformation and the intrusion makes him livid. He gives Skye 7 days to come to him or he threatens to begin killing the ones she loves most. Will Skye be able to survive long enough to enjoy her new life now that Amun is hunting her and everyone she loves?

Reviewed by LT
My Rating: 4.5
Skye is shocked when she wakes up, she was sure she was dead. She even heard Archer say he couldn’t let her live with the evil  Amun had put in her. Little did she know he only meant to change her into a Vampire like himself. Something Skye didn’t want. Amun is the first Dark One and there are two different types of species, Amun drinks from Vampires, which makes his kind the evil ones. Vampires are blessed by god and drink from humans. Amun kidnapped Skye to use her to kill Archer and his family. He felt she was different, so he did something he's never done before, he put some of his soul into her. So when she died she would change into what he is and be his bride. Once Archer found this out by pretty much brain raping Skye she turned against the one person who truly loved her, Jamerson a vampire who was sired by Archer. She broke his heart and sent him away. Skye had fallen in love with both men. But once she was changed she wanted Archer more. Maybe it’s the sire bond or love.

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