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SWEET AS SIN by Kenya Carlton

Book Name: Sweet As Sin

Author: Kenya Carlton

Release Date: 09/16/11

Main Characters:Drake & Sienna

Category: M/F

Author's Website: Goodreads

Heat Level: Forceful 

Blurb: Brought together in the aftermath of WWI, a lethal, war hero and a beautiful, seductive heiress are forced into a marriage neither wants.
Captain Drake Devilin fought with honor and survived a brutal war only to return home to find his parents dead under scandalous circumstances and his grandfather determined to restore the family honor and fortune.
Sienna Caldwell wants to trust her father’s decision to marry her to the charming playboy, but realizes the life she yearns for may never be hers. Faced with secrets upon secrets, she can do nothing to change the future. With her father’s blessing she puts herself into the handsome Drake’s care.
While Drake struggles to keep his bride alive, Sienna battles to keep her heart intact even as a magical world of myth and horror opens before them. Drake realizes the woman he married is more powerful than he imagined as he fights for her soul and their lives against an unimaginable evil.

Review by LT

My Rating: 4
Sienna, a colored woman (which is what she is called in the book), finds herself married to a white man in the 30’s so this is extremely unheard of. Sienna's father is the master of a magical island and he believes the only way to keep her safe is sending her off the island with her now new husband Drake.Drake is about to go broke. His family businesses were being robbed by unknown sources.  Until now Drake hasn't had the means to avenge the loss or save the business his father started. Drake learns that the businesses were stolen from the inside out by a shady accountant and his gang. Now he has a choice to make. Kill the people who did his family wrong or use the large sum of money he is offered to marry and protect Sienna from unknown threats and to rebuild the business. Little does Drake know, that he's not the only one in this marriage with a secret about who and what they truly really are. Drake is half of some kind of unknown monster with claws, and Sienna has powers to control things with her mind and then some. Drake, while in the service was turned into something more than human, and is now used by the government to kill the people they think are bad. Sienna was taken from the island as a baby by her mother who had gone mad. Sienna had a normal non racist life in New Orleans where they were more accepting of her. But when she is uprooted from her safe haven to Drakes hometown, she learns how cruel people can be.

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