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Carlinda B's THE BECKONING OF BROKEN THINGS Blog Tour & Giveaway

Character Interview

Daniel Navid: “I am a Night Numen, trained to manipulate and shape the night…the dark…to do as I see fit. I have studied with some of the finest, most powerful individuals in the world.”

Marissa Engles: “A Night Numen, huh? I sure know how to pick the odd ones. I just got rid of a stoner surfer dude in favor of a Night Numen. What exactly does a Night Numen do?”

              From The Beckoning of Beautiful Things,
 by Calinda B

1. What’s your name?
My name is Daniel Mateo Navid. I am a 34 year old male of Guatemalan and Brazilian descent, but I was born here in the States, near Seattle, Washington. You’ve asked me what some of my favorite toys or pets are. I love my soul bound girlfriend Marissa’s Doberman, Sober Dober. The dog is well behaved, clever, and extremely intelligent and he serves to help protect Marissa from evil. He also sparkles with light. And, he has little sparkly wings. (laughs) The dog is a total delight. Other than that my favorite things are things of beauty. Beautiful things beckon to me.

2. What are your hobbies, fave things to do, least fave things to do, skills and abilities?
I am a Night Numen. I can shape the darkness. I can call it forth at will. I can summon dark creatures, dangerous creatures to do my bidding if I choose. This is not a hobby, it’s a calling. It is what I do. It is what I am. All other activities I pursue must be in alignment with that. I tend vast gardens so I can sense and source their energy. I can tell the health of a living thing by simply passing my hands around it. I also build things with my hands so I can feel the power of shaping something from nothing. 
Right now, I am learning how to not destroy the life that I cherish. Marissa is a light rebel. Her skills were hidden from her by my father’s doing. (Grimaces and struggles to regain his composure). As she reclaims her abilities they awaken something sinister within my soul. They awaken new, darker and more forbidding creatures – things that should never be beheld. My hope is that I can learn to command this darkness to destroy El Demonio, the vile sorcerer who took my former fiancé’s life. He wanted her as his own. Now he wants Marissa. I couldn’t live with myself if she were taken from me.

These are the things being described in Calinda B’s The Beckoning of Beautiful Things. Her WIP, The Beckoning of Broken Things takes matters in a completely different direction. I understand my “mistakes,” as we’ll call them, will have serious consequences.

3. Tell us some things about yourself you want your audience to know. Feel free to elaborate on what you’ve told us so far.
As I grow more powerful, I struggle to retain my goodness. I cherish Marissa. She’s the one I’ve been waiting for. She’s who I have dreamed of meeting and feared never meeting. She matches me. But as the darkness grows inside of me, I will… I must…not let anything happen to her. She is my life.

4. What do you like to eat? 
Fairly banal question this - I eat wholesome, nutrient rich food. Simple gourmet meals. Magic infused fare that I have grown is the best.

5. Tell us about any quirks, habits (good or bad), or oddities.
I am fastidious in my appearance. I am wealthy. Wealth is as much a state of mind as anything. I do not claim to have a career or a job. I live. I collect beautiful things. I am not an open book. I’ve lived life the way I choose and am not used to letting others in on my actions or pursuits. Ask Marissa. (scoffs) It’s one of the things about me that bugs her.

6. How do people usually respond to you?
What kind of people? (shrugs) It depends on the circumstance. Here’s one thing that’s consistent. Women stalk me. They try to get close to me. They all want something from me. Want. Desire. They are like spiders, endlessly weaving webs to ensnare me. (laughs) Little do they know who I am or what I am capable of. Only Marissa will come to know me truly.

7. If we were to hook up, where would we meet?
We would meet in the dark. We would meet in the absence of any and all light. You would have to use your other senses with me. You would have to find me. You would have to search for me among hideous creatures. I’d make it worth your while, I can guarantee that. But first, you’d have to prove yourself worthy. I am not a simple human. I am not mortal. Are you? (laughs) I’m kidding. Where would you like to meet? A club? A bar? A restaurant? I’m comfortable wherever. I just choose not to pursue such mundane surroundings.

8. If you disappeared, how would your absence affect folks around you?
(Lets out a sharp laugh) Want to try it and see? Seriously, it would depend on where I went and why. If I was angry and sought to take out my anger on the world, a host of darkness and evil would be unleashed. But these questions are getting a little too personal. I think you can tell I’m just an ordinary guy, right? (a slow, mysterious smile appears upon his face and his eyes burn with blue intensity. He stands and saunters from the room.)

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The Beckoning of Beautiful Things
(The Beckoning Series #1)
Artist Marissa Engles has hidden in a world of paint and sorrow, ever since her parents died eleven years ago. When she meets Daniel Navid, sparks fly – literally – from her fingers to his. She’s immediately swept from her pristine world into one of terrifying darkness, dazzling, electrifying light, and unimaginable sensual pleasures.
With her faithful Doberman by her side, Marissa uses her creative imagination to restore her Light Rebel skills. She comes face to face with pure evil - the demented sorcerer known as El Demonio de la Muerte.
El D’s got plans for her. He plans to charm her into forgetting she ever met Daniel Navid, the sexiest, most dangerous man she’s ever known.
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The Beckoning of Broken Things
(The Beckoning Series #2) 
Is Marissa Engles crazy? Or is she a paranormal Light Rebel who can shape form and manifest things using the electricity buzzing through her veins? Her aunt and sister think “Crazy.” The locked mental facility they've put her in thinks “Delusional.” 
She’s so drugged up, she can’t tell if they’re right. Only her new pal, Rafe Caldwell, another mental patient “inmate”, thinks she is what she says she is. And he intends to find out more – lots more. 
The only problem is her missing soul bound lover, Daniel Navid, who commands the darkest of the dark. But as they say, if the cat’s away…
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About the Author 
When it comes to writing sexy books, supernatural romances, or an erotic paranormal romance series, Calinda B purrs with excitement, just like her two fine Abyssinian cats. She's got a life full of adventure and stories, a head full of imaginative realities and a willing partner to help her "research erotic possibilities." What more could an author ask for?

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